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Taurus-Scorpio Eclipse Cycle 2021-2023

Apr 27, 2022

As we come upon the first eclipse portal of 2022 it's time to take a deeper dive into the eclipses that are taking place in Taurus and Scorpio between 2021-2023 as well as the South Node in Scorpio. 

In this post I will provide an astro-historical analysis as a way of connecting some of the foundational themes we have seen in American history while the North Node has been in Taurus to inform the potential events related to the United States Pluto Return. I explore this more in-depth in my 2022 Energy Workshop Recording.


Economic and Ecological Themes of the Taurus-Scorpio Eclipse Cycle


The root of the words ecology and economy are shared: eco. Eco derives from the Greek oikos, which means dwelling place.  


The two words have different suffixes. Logy is from Greek logos, which means speech and thought. Ecology means the speech of home or the speech of Earth... you could say the language of Earth. 

Economy's suffix nomy derives from the Greek nemein, which means to distribute and manage. Economy means manage dwelling place or manage household.  Economy is the management of the home or management of Earth. At its basis that's what the economy is: the management of the Earth's resources. 

When the North Node entered Taurus on January 18, 2022, I wrote a more extensive analysis on some of the ecological and economic themes that were coming up with its alignment to the asteroid Ceres:

While the economic ties to Taurus are abundantly clear as the North Node enters this sign and news about inflation the economy are everywhere, there is no doubt that conversation around land, land ownership, digital land, and the environment will be a major focus of the next year and a half. What does it mean to own? What does it mean to hold ownership? 

In reality, who *owns* land has been a driving force of capitalism since the inception of the concept of land ownership. How can we further disentangle ourselves from our attachment to land ownership in the next two years? 

— (Read more here)


The Course of Empire

When the North Node is in Taurus we are asked to acknowledge and focus on the relationship between listening to and managing the Earth, as I explore more deeply in this post about the North Node in Taurus: Sensing the Earth.

The ways in which the Earth and humanity interact is clearly explored in the Thomas Cole series The Course of Empire. This series was created between 1833-1836. From a Nodal perspective this period would share similar themes with 2018-present. The North Node was in Taurus from 1835-1836 and will be in Taurus from 2022-2023.

In order to understand this series and its relevance to this current moment in time, we need to review a little bit of history. 

Thomas Cole, The Savage State, or, The Commencement of the Empire. Oil on canvas, 1834

The series begins with a depiction of an ideal natural world untouched by colonization and the forced removal of Native Tribes from their homes. In the distance the Sun is rising and illuminating the Earth and all of her inhabitants. It was only a few years prior to this painting that Andrew Jackson passed the Indian Removal Act, which led to the genocidal Trail of Tears. Between 1830-1850 between 60,000-100,000 Native people were forced to leave their land and move to territory that was out of the way of the European colonizers's land accumulation interests. 

Today we see the Land Back campaign seeking to establish political and economic control to Indigenous people in the United States and Canada over land that had historically belonged to them prior to colonization following the Age of Exploration.

Thomas Cole, The Arcadian or Pastoral State. Oil on canvas, 1834

In the second painting we see a landscape that is beginning to be managed agriculturally, religiously, and through commerce. The Sun is high enough that we can see the activities of the humans and many layers of the landscape. While the land is in the beginning stages of development it is the beauty of Nature that is at the forefront. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, most people lived on or very close the land that provided their food. 80 percent of the world's population was engaged in farming. 

The 1830's laid the foundation for the Industrial Revolution, which was about using different forms of energy to automate production. Breakthroughs in mechanical engineering and electricity led to an increased demand for energy sources. Coal and cotton in particular became natural resources in high demand. 

Thomas Cole, The Consummation of Empire. Oil on canvas, 1836

In the third image we see an established empire that is clearly inspired by decadence of Ancient Rome. The Sun is shining brightly and bringing its light to the opulent display. The bounty of man made creations completely obscures the Earthly beauty of the previous two paintings. Humans are no longer living in harmony with the Earth. We are far beyond light management. The Earth and its natural balance is completely out of view. 

Throughout the 1830's there was economic instability as land, natural resources, people and money were being managed in emerging ways. You might say this was a period of initial mismanagement of resources and the currencies that are exchanged in hand for extraction.

When Thomas Cole's The Course of Empire series began the Bank of the United States had been shut down by Andrew Jackson and by the series completion in 1836there was no centralized bank in the United States at all. Instead there were State run banks that issued their own paper currencies and credit. 

State banks in the West expanded their issue of credit for purchasing land. These loans were secured by cotton liquidity and cotton prices were falling, which created a vulnerable economic situation. Jackson handled this by issuing The Specie Act, an executive order requiring that payment for purchase of "public" lands be made exclusively in gold or silver to curtail the use of paper money from these State banks. This eventually leads to economic crisis with the Panic of 1837. I explore current economic theme in this post on the Mercury retrograde cycles of 2022.

Thomas Cole, Destruction. Oil on canvas, 1836

In a stormy conflict we see the the voice of the Earth transforming the constructed city as her inhabitants fight and steal to stay alive. There is not enough to go around and the result is Civil War. The first three painting in this series depict what has been and is ending while Destruction foreshadows oncoming Civil War as a result of the Industrial Revolution. This is exactly what takes place in 1860.  

Thomas Cole, Desolation. Oil on canvas, 1836

In the final painting we see the landscape decades later ravaged by human extraction. For the first time no humans are featured in the landscape and we can see that the opulent buildings at the center of the city are being overtaken by the wilderness again. The Moon is the only luminary visible in the sky for the first time in our journey. 

Life, Death, Rebirth Cycles in The Course of Empire

As we examine the ways in which these economic and ecological themes are presenting in our current experience of the North Node in Taurus, we are faced with the effects of the Course of Empire economically and ecologically. 

As Thomas Cole created the paintings in The Course of Empire, the South Node was in Scorpio just as it now. The series and the moment in time invite us to acknowledge, learn from and integrate lessons from the past. 

While the South Node is moving through Scorpio from January 18, 2022-July 17, 2023 we are asked to explore what is ancient while also releasing and removing historical motivations that no longer create the environments we desire. 

Death as a Scorpio Theme

The Scorpio theme of Death as outlined in the Tarot is clearly depicted in the final painting in this series. Death asks to bring endings that will ultimately lead to balance and stabilization. In the process of death we cannot see only one stage of existence. We see death, birth, and the transformation that occurs between these stages. 

In the Minor Arcana associated with Scorpio we see the following themes: 

  • The 5 of Cups invitation to show gratitude even we are faced with loss. This card asks us to pay attention to what we have. We need to thank our providers, including the Earth and the people who paved the way for us to be who we are. 
  • The 6 of Cups invitation to reconnect with the past and remember the gifts that it brought us. This card can relate to reunions between loved ones and gifts exchanged between them.
  • The 7 of Cups to consider all of the dreams and gifts that are available while remembering that our energy can only flow in a certain number of directions. We do not always know all of the places that our energy connects each day and who inspires our actions. 

I explore the full astrology with tarot and numerology in the 2022 Energy Workshop


South Node in Scorpio: January 18, 2022-July 17, 2023

The South Node in Scorpio is ruled by Mars. Mars inspires us to take action and remove or react to the energy. 

While the South Node is in Scorpio you could have gifts, memories but also debts from the past awaken. You might also need to cut away dreams and inheritances from the past.

While the South Node is in Scorpio it will respond to Mars' energy in the following signs:

  • January 18-24: Mars in Sagittarius
  • January 24-March 6: Mars in Capricorn
  • March 6-April 14: Mars in Aquarius
  • April 14-May 24: Mars in Pisces
  • May 24-July 5: Mars in Aries
  • July 5-August 20: Mars in Taurus
  • August 20-October 30: Mars in Gemini D
  • October 30-January 12, 2023: Mars in Gemini Rx
  • January 12, 2023-March 25: Mars in Gemini D
  • March 25-May 20: Mars in Cancer
  • May 20-July 10: Mars in Leo
  • July 10-July 17: Mars in Virgo

As outlined above, Mars will not make its way through all 12 signs of the Zodiac due to his extended journey through Gemini.

Mars will enter Gemini on August 20, 2022. 2022 is a 6 year in Numerology, which activates the Lovers Tarot constellation. The Lovers constellation is made up of The Lovers, The Devil, the 6 of Cups, 6 of Swords, 6 of Wands and 6 of Pentacles.

As the 6 of Cups is activated through both the overarching Scorpio South Node energy and the numerological year, it is a particularly noteworthy energy in 2022.


North Node in Taurus January 18, 2022-July 17, 2023

But what is the opposite of the South Node in Scorpio? The North Node in Taurus, which activates the 6 of Pentacles.

What do these two cards have to teach us about the energy of this year?

A major theme of both of these cards is giving and receiving. Those who have give and those who do not receive in the representations of these two cards. In order to receive we must open up.

The North Node in Taurus is ruled by Venus.

While the North Node is in Taurus Venus will be in the following signs:

  • January 18, 2022-29: Venus in Capricorn Rx
  • January 29-March 6: Venus in Capricorn D
  • March 6-April 5: Venus in Aquarius
  • April 5-May 2: Venus in Pisces
  • May 2-28: Venus in Aries
  • May 28-June 22: Venus in Taurus
  • June 22-July 17: Venus in Gemini
  • July 17-August 11: Venus in Cancer
  • August 11-September 4: Venus in Leo
  • September 4-29: Venus in Virgo
  • September 29-October 23: Venus in Libra
  • October 23-November 16: Venus in Scorpio
  • November 16-December 9: Venus in Sagittarius
  • December 9-January 2, 2023: Venus in Capricorn
  • January 2, 2023-26: Venus in Aquarius
  • January 26-February 20: Venus in Pisces
  • February 20-March 16: Venus in Aries
  • March 16-April 10: Venus in Taurus
  • April 10-May 7: Venus in Gemini
  • May 7-June 5: Venus in Cancer
  • June 5-July 22: Venus in Leo
  • July 22: Venus stations Rx in Leo

Notice that when the North Node entered Taurus Venus was just about ready to station direct in Capricorn. Venus began their journey through Capricorn on November 5, 2021. The Devil Card is related to the sign Capricorn, which is the only other major arcana card in the Lovers constellation.

Fated meetings are definitely a potential with this energy or relationship dynamics that feel like they expand beyond the present moment. We must face our inner shadows as we disentangle from their harmful cycles. 

Thomas Cole, The Oxbow (View from Mt. Holyoke, Massachusetts, after a Thunderstorm), 1836

The Taurus-Scorpio Eclipse Cycle 2022-2023

The first eclipse that happened along this axis occurred on November 19, 2021,

The stage was set on November 19, 2021, when we had the first Full Moon Partial Eclipse at 27° Taurus. In the third decan we find the 7 of Pentacles, which brings the completion of dreams but yet there were many choices that needed to be made with the 7 of Cups. We were still at the beginning of the story that will unfold through the summer of 2023. There might have been a feeling of so close but not quite there which was followed by a long winter of reviewing and restructuring our responsibilities and pleasures.

I wrote more extensively about the first eclipse in this cycle here.


Spring 2022 Eclipses

As we’ve been executing on our decisions from this winter we have been waiting for something really spectacular to happen. The next eclipse in this cycle is the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse at 10° Taurus, which takes place April 30, 2022. This New Moon is happening sextile to the exact Jupiter-Venus conjunction at nearly 28° Pisces. This is a very auspicious alignment. Neptune is also very close in Pisces and all three of these planets relate to blessings and gifts. There also could be large sums of money and gifts exchanged in many directions at this New Moon. With Mars in Pisces at the same time there is a sense of urgency to act on our dreams and receive the benefits of our efforts.

We are coming off of an extended period of needing help and support. This has been a significant point of discussion since April 10. There might been conversations of feeling so close, just like November, but not quite there yet. This New Moon in Taurus activates the 6 of Pentacles themes of giving and receiving wealth and bringing balance or even justice to who has access to certain resources. Saturn in Aquarius is square to the nodal axis, which could allow or force us to be emotionally detached from the outcome as we begin the next phase of our journey.

We will know more by May 16, 2022, at the Full Moon Total Eclipse at 25° Scorpio. The Moon will be within a stone’s throw of the South Node in Scorpio. This is a very significant Moon as it illuminates and brings completion to long held dreams and awakens new discoveries about the past.

In the third decan we find the 7 of Pentacles and the 7 of Cups. The 7 of Pentacles allows us receive the blessings from our efforts while the 7 of Cups asks us to make choices about where we would like our energy to flow. The sense of unknown and uncertainty we had over the last five months is beginning to shift as we transition to making new choices. Mercury will station retrograde in Gemini on May 10, which is the same day that Jupiter enters Aries. Conversations that have been taking place since April 10 when Mercury entered Taurus will continue through July 5, 2022 when the Mercury retrograde cycle reaches its full completion. Read more about the Mercury retrograde cycles of 2022 here.


Fall 2022 Eclipses

By October 25, 2022 we have been asked to making many choices which will soon be coming under review. This is when the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse at 2° Scorpio occurs, awakening themes from the 1st decan where we find the 5 of Cups. This New Moon is taking place near the South Node in Scorpio and its square with Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus retrograde. There is some tension about how to move forward and just five days after this Mars will station retrograde at 25° Gemini. Some of the decisions that were made during the summer will be under questioning. While this a New Moon it definitely carries themes of endings and goodbyes. It is important to remember the wisdom of the 5 of Cups, which tells us that even when we experience loss there is still so much we can appreciate and show gratitude for.

This New Moon is also happening very close to Samhain which invites us to celebrate Death. This will open a very potent portal for ancestral and past life healing. What is the future you want to be a part of?

The portal continues through November 8 when we have a Full Moon Total Eclipse at 16° Taurus. This is a very potent Moon for endings and changing positions. With Uranus exactly conjunct to the Moon in Taurus there could be unexpected and noteworthy shifts in access to resources and responsibilities. Secrets from the past could be revealed at this Full Moon. If you took this portal as a potent time for building relationships and structures in your ancestor work you will want to be paying attention to any new insights that are available to you.

The 2nd decan activates themes of 6 of Cups and 6 of Pentacles. We return to the seeds that were planted at the New Moon Eclipse on April 30, 2022, around giving and receiving wealth and bringing balance or even justice to who has access to certain resources. It could be that resources that were promised on April 30 become available at this Full Moon on November 8.


The Final Eclipse

This entire saga returns one last time at the Full Moon Penumbral Eclipse at 14° Scorpio on May 5, 2023. This eclipse occurs in the 2nd decan, which is the same place the last eclipse occurred on November 8, 2022. There could be a second exchange, outcome or role reversal that takes place on this Full Moon.

Discussions that were taking place during April-June of 2022 could return around the time of this eclipse on May 5, 2023. The decision that was made in 2022 might not make sense anymore based on how the situation as evolved since November.



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