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What should you expect from a reading with me?

A common misconception about astrology and tarot is that it is a “party trick.”

But some of the most common feedback I receive from my clients is that in one reading they feel like we have covered the equivalent of multiple therapy sessions. And while I am definitely not a therapist and astrology isn’t a replacement for therapy, it does have some of the same qualities.

Others are afraid to get an astrology reading. What if they get bad news?

In a session with me, you will likely be asking and answering questions about the life lessons that you are grappling with on a deep level. These conversations can be difficult, but I strive to create an open, non-judgmental space. My Capricorn Mercury-Saturn conjunction (astro-speak for, my way of communicating) is realistic and straightforward, while my Cancer Moon is caring and intuitive.

While I am intuitive, I can’t read your mind. If there are specific questions or areas of life you’d like to cover in your reading, please let me know. There is a tremendous amount that can be discussed in regards to your personal astrology. It’s not uncommon to leave a reading with a burning desire to learn more about astrology, tarot, and yourself.

Legal Disclaimer: Astrology, hypnosis, and flower essences are meant for "entertainment purposes" and personal growth only. Note that there are no refunds. Detailed policies available at links below. 

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Will I be able to understand this? What should I bring?


Yes! Astrology is a language, but I am here to interpret for you! Some people want to try to learn as much as they can about the language of astrology, and for those people a notebook comes in handy. Others prefer to sit and listen because that is how they prefer to receive information. One way isn’t better than the other. I’ll know a little about how you like to communicate based on your chart, so all you need to bring is your true self and act accordingly.

I will definitely give you dates that are potentially significant to the past or the future, and I will recommend that you write those down. Some people like to bring a planner with them to circle significant dates. If you keep diaries or journals, the past dates can help you observe patterns you’re dealing with on a deeper level.

In addition to telling you about what is in your natal chart, I will also probably recommend some tools and strategies for getting to know yourself on a deeper based on what I see in your chart. You will definitely leave your reading with something to think about.