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Cyclical Processing

Begin your journey with a single session.

As a person and a practitioner I love to blend seemingly opposing concepts, which makes my own practice a blend of intuition and detailed research.

As of September 2022, I only offer one type of session: a Cyclical Processing Session. In these sessions we will work together using your astrological natal chart, astrological timing mechanisms, internal family systems inspired tarot, and channeled Earth intuition, to create breakthroughs in awareness and deeply rooted healing. 

If you're thinking: I don't know what any of those words mean, will I understand this? Absolutely, yes! I don't expect you to know anything about astrology or my methodology. 

While astrology can provide clarity and a sense of alignment with the Universe, hypnosis and flower essences can support shifts on the mental and spiritual level. I highly recommend adding custom flower essence blend (U.S. only) and/or hypnosis to your session to integrate the lessons of your chart and shift your reality. 

Read about what to expect in a reading here.


If you do not see any appointments available, my calendar is likely full. If you are a returning client or reaching out about a special event, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at [email protected] to check on additional availability.

Cyclical Processing Sessions

Experience my unique integrative approach to astrology that focuses on transforming inherited ancestral patterns and strengthening your connection to your Self. 

Cyclical Processing Session

Designed for self-healers and shadow workers who are ready to reconnect to their widest Self and actualize their creative visions. 

Included in your private 75 minute 1:1 processing session on Zoom: 

  • We will utilize your natal birth chart to explore deeply held inherited patterns that you are confronting on the way to actualizing your Soul purpose in the present moment.
  • This session highlights the most important information in your chart and year ahead while exploring the deeper roots and past patterns that are cycling through your life and how to work with them. 
  • A recorded video of your session will be sent to you after the session via email. 

Energetic Exchange: $250

> Adding on a custom flower essence is highly recommended for U.S. residents ($22 USD, only shippable in the United States). A one-ounce custom essence supports and grounds you as you integrate the wisdom of your session into your daily life. 

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Cyclical Processing + Hypnosis Session


This is the same as Cyclical Processing session, but includes hypnosis to...

  • Activate your subconscious mind to begin shifting your inherited programs 
  • Provide an actionable way you can integrate the information you receive in your session
  • An audio recording of your personalized hypnosis will be emailed to your after your session for continued use and integration.


Book With Hypnosis (+$50)