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Ash Bruxvoort

Hi, I'm Ash Bruxvoort
otherwise known as
Ash Gravity

(because my name is hard to pronounce 😉)

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While I grew up with a mother who loved fairies and had my first astrology book at age 8, it took many crossroads in my life before stepping into my role as an astrologer, flower essence creator, and coach for sensitive, empathic and intuitive people.

It began when I was 24 and on the verge of a divorce from my high school sweetheart. I remember one morning standing in the kitchen of a purple house I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay in, making a green smoothie and listening to a podcast. I have no idea what the podcast was, probably something about health and fitness, but they were talking about external validation versus internal validation. ⁣

💡: “Internal validation. That’s what I’m seeking.”

My desire for internal validation allowed me to hold space for myself as I came out as a lesbian and got to know my true self again.

To everyone else it looked like I was running away. But my internal wisdom told me that there was something I was running towards—something I was meant to find.

Burning Out Sparked Intuitive Trust

After working on organic vegetable farms in Iowa, California, and New York, a seemingly fated broken hand brought me back to Iowa, where I began working as a feminist organizer around social and food justice issues. Working and volunteering for idealistic nonprofit organizations, I barely took time for myself and burned out.

Not getting a promotion I’d worked years for felt like a major failure in my life. Little did I know that this exact “failure” would open a doorway for me to become a professional astrologer and healer. I knew that my intuition led me to exactly the right place.

Discovering My Sensitivity

As a result of burning out I embarked on a healing process and discovered that there was an explanation for how I experienced the world: I am a highly sensitive person.

I always had a hard time fitting into the prescribed boxes. While I am incredibly ambitious I struggled to work in an office. While I was an incredible group facilitator and space holder, managing my own energy was a constant battle.

Everything I share comes from my own healing journey and learning to become an empowered empath. Of course, I do not believe in being “fully healed,” and a tremendous part of my personal practice is centered around healing inherited family trauma. This includes acknowledging the legacies of my ancestors and the ways I continue to perpetuate them, while also looking deeply at inherited internal queer wounds, witch wounds, and patterns of helplessness.


My approach to astrology: I have studied many forms of astrology, but the foundations of my practice come from Hellenistic Astrology, Modern Asteroid Theory, and Renaissance Medical Astrology. Since I began studying astrology in earnest I was fascinated by our embodied experiences of planetary energy and how planetary shifts impact us collectively, individually, emotionally and physically. In addition to astrology I am particular interested in herbal medicine, somatic healing, and epigenetics. I also have a background in storytelling as a mode of healing and have a B.A. in English. Prior to opening my astrology practice, I worked for ten years in sustainable agriculture and food and environmental justice. 

In addition to book learning and ongoing professional development through courses and conferences, I have studied Hellenistic Astrology with Chris Brennan, Intuitive Plant Medicine with Asia Suler, Astro-Herbalism and Alchemical Herbalism with Sajah Popham, Soul Tarot with Lindsay Mack and Transformational Coaching. I am on track to complete a Nerve Apprenticeship with Sukie Baxter and Medical Astrology with Judith Hill by the end of 2021 and my Trauma-Informed Coaching Certification by May 2022.

A note on gender:
I could write many pages about my beliefs on gender and how that shows up in my practice. Most importantly, my practice is affirming to all queer identities. I do not use the masculine/feminine binary in my analysis, unless this kind of analysis is requested by the client. I also feel that it is worth noting that I work well with heterosexual cisgender men and am particularly interested in supporting them on their healing journeys.

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