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The Universe has a plan for you.

Allow me to be your cosmic guide, as you go from feeling misunderstood and out of place to empowered in the gifts of your sensitivity and creativity.

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As a queer, highly sensitive person, I know what it is like to feel out of place and on the wrong path. Translating the wisdom of the cosmos, I can show you why you are where you are meant to be. 

Using astrology, tarot, and flower essence therapy, I hold space for you to remember who you are and what you came here to do.


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I felt grounded and reassured after my reading. There were times when I felt like they were inside my brain, sometimes in my soul, reflecting parts of my persona that needed a voice and a bit of recognition. The information gave me a bit of permission to stay grounded in what I need.



After this session and working with the essence, I found poetry flowing from me totally in verse. For the first time ever, I shared my poetry with others and even published my first poem. I realized that I have a voice in a way I never had.

Before the reading I felt a bit lost. Ash did a wonderful job articulating how I feel and how I navigate this world. Without the understanding of my natal chart, I would probably still feel a bit lost.


Truly, it felt as though Ash was holding a mirror up to my deepest and most complicated wounds. It was incredibly liberating to see in my chart.

Not to mention the fact that Ash is so compassionate. Despite the sensitive subject matter, they had me laughing for the majority of the reading.


I’ve been feeling stuck before the page, and afterward, I’ve felt hopeful about my ability to create for the first time in months.


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