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Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus Horoscopes

Nov 17, 2021

The Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus is exact on Nov 19, 2021 at 3:02 AM CT. This is the first eclipse taking place on the Scorpio-Taurus axis and is the beginning of a story that will unfold from now through October 28, 2023. 

The last time eclipses occurred on this axis was between November 13, 2012 and October 23, 2014. Look back at what changed and transformed in your life during this time. What did you have to let go of? What opened up for you as a result of letting go? 

The patterns that emerge on the Scorpio-Taurus axis are often deep, ancestral conditioning. We are a family that does this. We are people that believe this. We are the people who. 

But what happens when we are not the people who? What happens when deep down we are not the people who behave this way, believe this way, exist this way? 

So often we hide the truth because what is true makes us unworthy to receive acceptance, security, redemption and more. For so long we have hid away what can’t be accepted rather than be vulnerable about our desires. It makes sense, because to survive is to seek safety. Who do we seek safety with? How is pursuing our desires seen in these communities? How is pursuing our desires seen in aligning with these families? 

Since the New Moon in Scorpio on November 4, we have begun to step down into the well towards our hidden longing. There is something forbidden there that we desire. 

What will they think? As much as we understand Taurus’s longing for security through material abundance and wealth, we seem to forget that Taurus is also a sign ruled by Venus. We seem to forget that we have been conditioned too long for these things, we have been conditioned to live by these values, because it provides safety through relationships. By staying only with what is understood and tangible we stay in the safety of acceptance and connection. 

As much as we understand Scorpio’s intensity and passion, we seem to forget that Scorpio is a sign ruled by Mars. We seem to forget that as much as we believe that we pursue pleasure and seek highs, so many have been forced to remove all that is pleasurable from their lives. I think it’s a perspective that queer people understand more than most, because most queer people were taught at some point in time that what they desire is dangerous. 

Whether you are queer or not, with Mars in Scorpio opposite to Uranus in Taurus, there is a strong invitation to break away and go in an entirely different direction at this Full Moon. There is a sense of clarity that the way we have done things is not the way we will do things any longer. 

On eclipses we are invited to move with the chaos, to dance with what arrives and move the energy along on the continuum. But on the first eclipse in a cycle we are invited to recognize that this work of releasing is not done overnight. This is the longest eclipse that has occurred in almost 600 years, and as we witness the Moon transform shape and color, we are reminded that deep work happens in stages that occur now and ripple out over timelines that expand beyond our comprehension. 

We are here to witness the shifting of work done over years. We are here to witness the shifting of work done over lifetimes. And here we are beginning again. Here we are to witness. 

The last time a lunar eclipse of this length occurred was 1440 and we will not see it again until 2669. 

What can you forgive at this Full Moon in Taurus? What can you release? 

I’ll start. 

I forgive you for making a choice that felt safe. 

I forgive you for putting your faith in people you thought would keep you safe. 

I forgive you for attaching to places you thought would keep you safe. 

I am proud of you for prioritizing your safety. 

And I will help you feel safe as we push towards new places that scare us. People that might not accept us. Ways of being that feel unknown. I will keep you safe. But we will go. 

Eclipses have represented shifts in power between the people and the ruling classes throughout history, and on this axis we might see shifts in power dynamics around money, religion and the environment. 

Jupiter in Aquarius is square to this Moon, expanding our horizons. This feels like moving across an ocean with a strong wind at our back. The waves are still choppy. We don’t know if we will arrive on the other side. But we must keep moving forward because there is something more for us. What, we don’t know. Hopefully more freedom. Hopefully more security. We hope the effort will be worth it. 

Mars in Scorpio is also exiting a square to Saturn, so while the expansiveness of Jupiter feels exciting the fear around the pressure to make this move lingers. We might have lost something just as quickly as it came to us but it feels like there is a certainty that it isn’t over. There is a pressure to commit while remaining open to the possibilities of what will come. 

This is only the beginning of the story that will unfold for the next two years. The next two events to watch for are the North Node’s entrance into Taurus on January 18, 2022 and the second eclipse on the Scorpio-Taurus axis, which occurs on the New Moon in Taurus on April 30, 2022. But this is not a lunation for manifesting or attempting to control the outcome of things. Whatever will be will be. Trust that you will arrive exactly where you need to. 


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Your work and financial commitments will experience transformation over the next couple of years. Right now you might be relying on someone else (or a group of people) more than you feel comfortable with. It threatens your independence and self-worth if you aren’t doing it all on your own. Maybe it’s time to examine where that belief comes from. Who told you that you have to earn your worth this way? Who told you that you have to prove your worth this way? At this eclipse it feels like something absolutely must change, but receiving help doesn’t have to mean someone has power over you. Maybe they want to be there for you in that way. Maybe the way you see yourself as an authority figure in the world, in your life, needs a little makeover. I know you believe in communal care Aries. Receive it. 

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The revolution is you Taurus. Can you feel it in your throat? There is something that is trying to come out of you and it feels like the time is now. But now is only the beginning. The next two years will be transformational for you, there’s no doubt about it. Don’t be afraid. Imagine what you can create with this energetic force of change. Imagine where this wave of movement will take you? With Uranus in your own sign, the invitation to innovate is flashing a big green light at you. GO! It’s not time to stick with the tried and true that has been your comfort. It is time to move in that direction you’ve been secretly longing for. Maybe it would feel better to rip it off like a bandaid and just be there, but it would be far less juicy. There is a long-term investment you need to make over the winter that is an important next step. Yes, it will take some time, but it will be so worth it. 

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At the beginning of this eclipse cycle you have been presented with choices that will have an impact on your daily life in every single way. Notably for you, this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is followed by a New Moon Solar Eclipse in your opposite sign, Sagittarius, on December 4. This eclipse on December 4 marks a beginning that you’ve been working towards since at least June 5, 2020. Change, change, change, but where am I going? It feels like waking up on a new day in the same bed you always do, but something just feels different. Something is gone, but something is here. Money or resources is probably a part of it. The resources you need to make necessary changes in your life might come from an unexpected place. There’s a chance you don’t even know where it is coming from yet. What I hear is, trust and allow yourself to be led. Make choices based on what is best for you and what you need to be cared for in life, not someone else’s agenda. Prioritizing you and your health is of the utmost importance over the next couple of years. 

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This eclipse cycle lights up the areas of your chart that deal with love and belonging. What was your favorite song to listen to as a child? I don’t mean teenager, I mean as far back as you can remember. What did you like to do? Did you draw? Did you dance? Did you play basketball? There’s an invitation for you to do something you haven’t done in far too long at this Full Moon. You might be surprised by what it brings up for you. There is an awareness surfacing that the things you have done in order to be accepted by a certain group of people are no longer necessary. But in order for you to really integrate that knowing you must receive a message from the little you inside. What you’ve needed from people is going to change and maybe more importantly, who you are for people is about to change. There is something only you can create, but you have to go to the root of why you are the one to create it. Go sing your song. Go dance your dance. 

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When I think about this eclipse for you, I think about when Bob Dylan went electric. Are you a Bob Dylan fan? In 1965 he performed his first electric concert and fans booed him from moving away from his folk-forward, political songwriting. 

Is it time for you to go electric Leo? There’s something at the foundation of your life that might be threatened by the change in who you are. You might worry about how it will impact your relationships and your family. Will the new you be accepted, or will you be booed off stage? 

The thing about the boos that Dylan received at the concert is that they shaped his career forever—and in a great way. He went on to create some of the best and most loved music after he dared to break out of the box he built for himself. 

What will you create with your breakout? Who will you become? Time will tell. 

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It’s time for an adventure Virgo, as this eclipse cycle is the beginning of a lot of little trips. This could be quite literal at this Full Moon, with you driving around your city or country in order to fulfill the commitments you signed up for. There is a lot to learn over the next couple of years and you are embarking on something you have not done before. Maybe you have some experience, but you’ve certainly never done it in this way. It feels like you’re giving the authority to yourself that you lost in childhood. It feels like you’re committing to something that needs a lot of care and will take up all of your time. No doubt about it, your life is changing and expanding in some unexpected ways. There might be a little bit of hesitancy too around making a commitment that is keeping you settled in one place when you’ve always been on the move. What will it feel like to expand in one place, with one purpose? Keep in mind that there is pleasure in doing something totally different and seeing it transform and change every day. 

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This is the way we’ve always done things is not an acceptable answer. You are the one who must innovate the patterns you’ve inherited around money, values, and worthiness. There is something that you must do to create something for the future. In order to do that, you need to go back to the root of what you value while also questioning the stories you’ve inherited around money and how it relates to power. There is a family story here. There is an intergenerational story here. It might not be the story that you think it is. What did you learn about the relationship between money and home? What did you learn about the relationship between money and family? Is there a money story that feels like home to you? Is it a story you attach to because it keeps you safe? This is the way we’ve always done things is not an acceptable answer. What new answer will you write?

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I will not be this person for you anymore, you might find yourself saying or hearing at this Full Moon in Taurus. This is the beginning of a significant cycle for you Scorpio, and it’s time for you to break away. You are changing, which means your relationships are changing, which means that your home life is changing, and you can’t do it all anymore. You need to find a stable, sturdy tree to sit with at the beginning of this cycle. I hope this is a place you can return to again over the transitions of the next two years. Is there a place you can stop on your way to or from the grocery store? Or on your way home from work? It doesn’t need to be a long time to be a significant relationship. Your arrival to this tree is enough to open the pathway of listening. What can you tell this sturdy friend? Can you just lean your back on it for a moment? Something needs to be strong for you as the cornerstones of your life are pulled in new directions. Where is your support beam?

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It’s time to rest Sagittarius, for the grand finale is on its way. The final eclipse in your sign occurs on December 4 and you’ve been waiting for this hand-off since at least June 5, 2020. As we move into the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse cycle for the next two years, I want you to take a moment to reflect on your own about all that has happened. How hard you’ve worked. How much you have grown and changed and be reshaped. You’ve done beautifully Sagittarius. Don’t doubt that. Write down what you learned. You don’t have to share it with anyone else, but of course everyone is curious to hear what you believe. It’s time to integrate your shifts into your daily life. But first, pause. Reflect. Recognize and honor the space between the ending and the beginning.

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At this Full Moon in Taurus you are looking forward, but there might be something you’ve sought comfort from in the past trying to pull you back. It might be something you’ve searched for since you were a child. A source of belonging or safety or love. But at this eclipse it’s clear that it’s time to let that go. You are not in that place anymore. There are people with you now who are grieving unexpectedly, and you’re starting to feel like you’re not right for this room anymore. There is a change in you afoot but not quite arrived. It feels like you’ve been transforming for years, decades, and here we are again. Who am I? Who was I? Who will I be? You know how to honor the past Capricorn, you know how to grieve what was. But I feel that there is something new for you to work on. Hold space for all of the versions of you there have been. 

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How would you like people to see you? How would you like to be seen? To a certain extent, we can’t control how we are perceived by others. You know this. You’ve learned this. But as you enter this eclipse cycle you are invited to look at who you are externally and who you are internally. Who are you at work versus who you are at home? It feels like there is tension between softness and hardness—or maybe toughness. Maybe you don’t have to be tough. Maybe you don’t have to feed into an impression that you have it together. Maybe you are expanding into a more nourishing way of existing in the world. Who will be a part of this new cycle? Give that question time to percolate. You don’t need to let everyone in on your secret right now. 

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Where are we going this time Pisces? You’re ready to explore something new over the next couple of years and at this Full Moon there is something challenging you to go someplace new. It feels very imaginative and dreamy coupled with a dose of reality. Which side of the universe will you live on? Here in reality, or there in the dream? You long to bring the dream into reality but you need other people to receive that. In order to receive what you desire you have to give. What signal are you giving the universe about what you want right now? What signal are you giving the universe about what you need right now? It feels like what you’re saying and what you’re doing are not the same. Why is that?

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