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What People Say About Working With Me


"I absolutely love doing readings with Ash! I am always impressed by their breadth of knowledge and intuition!"


I felt grounded and reassured after my reading. There were times when I felt like they were inside my brain, sometimes in my soul, reflecting parts of my persona that needed a voice and a bit of recognition. The information gave me a bit of permission to stay grounded in what I need.


"After this session and working with the essence, I found poetry flowing from me totally in verse. For the first time ever, I shared my poetry with others and even published my first poem. I realized that I have a voice in a way I never had."


"This crazy week especially I've also deeply appreciated having a small grounding ritual of taking my flower essence. It refocuses my thoughts and helps me reset my mind out of obsessive thought and shame cycles."


I'll be honest, I went into this reading a skeptic. I had never had a formal chart interpretation, and mostly used astrology for my personal spiritual work and to make memes about my Gemini friends. But Ash's insight was absolutely astounding. Getting this reading right before a big change in my life has helped me feel much more confident in my direction and in my own abilities.

I am so very grateful to be able to access astrology from a queer, nonbinary, and radical perspective. This reading was affirming of my own queer journey, and Ash created such a caring and receptive space even over Zoom. Thank you so much.


"I had my first reading with Ash this past Wednesday, and I've been thinking about it ever since. I did the Chiron Session, and truly, it felt as though Ash was holding a mirror up to my deepest and most complicated wounds... which probably sounds frightening, but it was actually incredibly liberating to see in my chart.

Not to mention the fact that Ash is so compassionate. Despite the sensitive subject matter, they had me laughing for the majority of the reading. I specifically asked them to focus on how Chiron relates to my writing since I've been feeling stuck before the page, and afterward, I've felt hopeful about my ability to create for the first time in months."


"Before the reading I felt a bit lost. Ash did a wonderful job articulating how I feel and how I navigate this world. Without the understanding of my natal chart, I would probably still feel a bit lost.

I think it’s important to understand yourself and where you’re going, so I highly recommend Ash for a reading. I think of it as an investment in yourself. Clarity is worth everything."


“Ash’s readings are truly a treasure. The level of care that they place into preparing for the reading creates such an intimate and hospitable experience, especially over Zoom. My reading was well researched and thoroughly depicted, and Ash carries such an air of openness, intellect, and passion when they discuss astrology. I went into the experience with a lot of big questions, and left feeling more secure in my decisions than I have in a long time. I will definitely be calling them for my readings in the future, and I think I’ll be hard pressed to find an astrologer I would recommend over Ash.


"I highly recommend combining your reading with a custom flower essence from Ash. I can't thank Ash enough for their composure, wit, laughter, heart, and wisdom. I can't imagine our lives without Ash! 

Ash has done whole picture and year ahead readings for my family over the past two years. Each reading goes by so fast and the information shared is always insightful. After my husband had a major accident and surgery this winter, we went back and listened to our "year ahead" readings and Ash nailed everything we dealt with from March - May. 

Recently, I participated in the Chiron session with Ash and wow! I love all things astrology but knowing the centaurs and how they affect your chart is a whole different ball game. I'm still processing this deep insight but the knowledge gained has already been instrumental in healing my ancestral and soul wounds brought into this lifetime."


"Ash's reading of my natal chart was just incredible. Their reading gave me some serious guidance around where I should be focusing my energy, events on the horizon, and a heads-up for special dates. 

I've been able to incorporate this information into my daily life and I'm already noticing some things falling into place. 

During the reading I felt heard and Ash held space for questions; it was really interactive without the awkwardness of a business Zoom. Afterwards, they opened the floor for questions and answered some of my burning inquiries about astrology. 

Ash is a fantastic interpreter of natal charts and I'm going to try to get all my friends on board for a natal chart reading with them."