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Here are the pathways to working with me.

I practice a blend of traditional Hellenistic Astrology and Modern Asteroid Astrology, astro-herbalism, and tarot. While I use many traditional techniques, I am also a queer person and bring this lens into my interpretation of the planets and archetypes.

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The calendar for November astrology readings will remain open until November 12. 

If you do not see any appointments available, my calendar is likely full. If you are a returning client or reaching out about a special event, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at [email protected] to check on additional availability.

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Three great places to start

Ready to start working with me? Begin your journey with one of these three options.

Natal Chart Reading

This is best if you have never had an astrology reading before and you're only interested in what your chart says about you, not how it relates to what is happening in your life right now. 

Also good if...

  • You aren't quite sure what astrology has to offer you
  • You prefer to receive information in smaller pieces rather than looking at the big picture
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Natal Chart + Transits

This is best for when you are beginning your journey with me.

Also good if...

  • You want to know what your natal chart, which is a snapshot of the sky at the time you were born says about who you are, how you experience the world, and what you will focus your life on.
  • You have questions about a specific part of your life or would like guidance while navigating a change 
  • You want to understand the timing of a particular situation 
  • You want to understand how the past might influence the future
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Cosmic Keys

This is best for when you want to cover the major themes and lessons in your life from a macrocosmic view.

Also good if...

  • You're more interested in the big picture and less on what is happening right now 
  • You love looking at all of the layers of yourself and your life
  • You're interested in how your astrology corresponds to the tarot 
  • You want to build on what you know about yourself through astrology 
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Continue Working With Me

After we have established a foundation with your natal chart reading, continue working with me through these sessions.

Year Ahead Reading

Once you have had your whole natal chart read, you might only want to know what the year ahead holds.

A Year Ahead reading is an astrology reading best for when you want to know the core lessons and opportunities that await you over the next 12 months.

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Chiron Session

Open to a new perspective through flower and gem essences.

In this consultation we will use astrology and tarot to identify an area where you need to move through a limiting belief or thought pattern. Using astro-herbal techniques, a custom essence blend will be created.

This consultation supports emotional and spiritual development, not medical illness.

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Astro-Tarot Reading

Intuitive guidance from tarot and oracle cards paired with astrological knowledge.

In this consultation we will use tarot and astrological oracle cards to intuitively tap into the guidance you need for this moment. While your Sun, Moon and Rising signs will be used as a reference point, this is not an astrology reading.

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Follow-up Session

These session are only available after you've had a natal chart or year ahead session with me.

Use this live session to address a specific question or area of life, a period of time, or an aspect of your chart you would like to understand more.

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