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Astro-Hypnosis Session

$210 for 90 minutes

Learning about your personal astrology can be a powerful way to understand yourself and where you're at in life, but how do you use it to create actionable change?

Do you want to...

  • Identify the mindset block you're working with
  • Shift your mindset to open up to new possibilities 
  • Integrate your new mindset into your life

In this session we combine counseling astrology with hypnotherapy to support you in transforming your life. 

Included in your 90 minute session :

> Astrology Reading focusing on the present moment of your life to determine where mindset changes could support you in opening to new possibilities.

> Transformational Hypnosis to shift your mindset and integrate change .

> A recorded video of your session will be sent to you after the session, as well as recording of your hypnosis to listen to on your own for continued personal growth.