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Venus in the Signs

Jul 21, 2020

Venus is often referred to as the planet of love, but understanding your Venus sign tells you more than what you’re attracted to. 

Venus tells us how we relate to other people and what our social values are. It shows how you express emotions in personal relationships, including friends and coworkers. It shows how you best receive love and what motivates your actions. It shows what makes you desirable, which means embodying your Venus sign for any gender will give you the ability to grow flowers wherever you walk (or at least walk with confidence).  

Venus is never more than 48 degrees from the Sun, which means your Venus is in the two signs before or after your Sun sign, or in the same sign as your Sun. You can easily determine your Venus sign online (download a free chart here). If you don’t know your birth time, you won’t be able to tell which house your Venus falls in, but you can still determine the sign.

venus in the signs

Use the descriptions below to understand your Venus sign.

Before reading the signs, have you learned about the three important things you need to look at to understand your Venus sign?

If you know which house your Venus resides in, you can gain a deeper understanding of your Venus by reading the description of that house.


When you show up, the party starts. With a Mars ruled Venus in the first fire sign, you find it is easy to initiate relationships. Some might find you self-centered, but you are actually quite romantic. You are creative and self-directed. A new project is in good hands with you as you are likely to work in the best interest of the work. You’re not easily bulldozed over and are willing to make demands when necessary. Because of this, you might get a reputation for being self-centered, but you ultimately just want to spark some magic. 

You want to be in relationships with and work with people who have good aesthetic sensibilities or creative minds. You need someone who can help you make your ideas take shape and form, providing helpful feedback on your creations. Adventure is important to you and you want to surround yourself with people who are as passionate about pleasure as you.

Read about Venus in the houses


Love and relationships are important to you. You are motivated by lasting, intimate connections and want to give the people you love the best. Because you have a lot to give, you might be slower to commit to relationships. Venus is the ruler of Taurus, which gives people with this placement an eye for aesthetics. Whether you enjoy taking photos, painting or growing and arranging plants, you just have the ability to know when something looks good. 

While you can be sensitive and extremely loyal, you do know when you need to draw a boundary with the people in your life. If your friend is acting like an asshole, well, you’ll find a way to tell them.

Read about Venus in the houses.



You make people feel loved by showing interest in them. Always up to talk about things, you love to meet new people and gather ideas. You want to be surrounded by people who have similar or adjacent interests to yours so that you can have intellectually stimulating discussions. You jump into learning new things, sometimes prioritizing what you are excited to learn about over what is already in front of you. You aren’t afraid to reach out to someone for their perspective and want to be in a job where collaboration is part of the role. 

You generally want to go with the flow when working with other people and as a Mercury-ruled Gemini might find yourself playing the role of a go-between on group projects. Your creative process requires you to get lost in research for a while in order to bring your best creative ideas to the surface.

Read about Venus in the houses.


As the only Moon-ruled Venus sign, Cancer is one of the most nurturing Venus signs in the Zodiac. You need to feel secure and it’s important to you that your partners understand your love language. Words of affirmation can be important to you. Love and relationships haven’t been easy for you, so you are more likely to size people up before letting them in. Once they are in your nest though, you are committed. 

Your home is important to you. You value comfort and you want your space to be soft and welcoming to the people you trust to enter. Your sensitivity gives you the ability to pick up on other people’s moods, which always seem to be changing. It’s important for you to know that other people’s feelings aren’t always about you. 

Managing money might be something that is important to you because you desire financial and domestic security. You like to have something or someone to take care of, but you have to make sure you’re taken care of too.

Read about Venus in the houses.



While you do love to be adored, you can just as easily think that people are giving you the moon and the stars when they are giving you the bare minimum. You have a big heart Leo. Never underestimate your worth. 

You have a big heart and when you decide that you love something or someone then you have made up your mind. You are amazing at building up your friends and loved ones. Anyone who has you in their corner thinks of you as their best cheerleader. You show love by showing off the people in your life and are always happy to spread the word about them. 

You throw great parties and have good taste. You have a Sun-ruled Venus, which gives you presence and magnetism. You liked to be surrounded by people who are unique or even unconventional. When you are in the creation process, you struggle to see beyond your project.

Read about Venus in the houses.


Caring for others is something that you do. You know what needs to be done for people to be their healthiest and best, and have the ability to see details others miss. As a Mercury-ruled Venus, intellectual stimulation is important to you. You might find it easier to connect with your imagination through words and enjoy writing. You appreciate people who do things the right way and give thought to their approach. 

You might not always feel understood but others in relationships, which makes you value the positive relationships that you do have. People who do understand find you to be an interesting person to talk to because you are knowledgeable and a good person to learn from. You might come off as guarded without realizing it. Trust that the people around you are with you because they want to support you and assume best intentions. You strive for balance but find it hard to obtain. When overwhelmed they can become irritable.

Read about Venus in the houses.




You are committed to letting the people in your life know that you appreciate them, and because of this you make a great friend. Venus rules Libra, and these people tend to be great at dealing with other people. Sometimes you can be a little overly accommodating to other people’s feelings. You value people who are intellectual, emotionally, and spiritually stimulating. 

You have a beautiful presence and people find you to be kind. It’s important for you to establish a solid relationship with yourself and cultivate mindful awareness every day so that you are making decisions for yourself and not to please others. 

Creativity is something that might be part of your life, but not always in a traditional way. You like to surround yourself with creative people who fulfill your desire for new ideas and relationships. When you’re not able to connect with others, you find life less enjoyable.

Read about Venus in the houses.



The mystery quality works for you, and you know it. You know things about people, or they might feel like you do. You have a strong desire for a deep connection and for you, relationships are a connection on multiple planes. You tend to expect a lot in relationships and can sometimes use your desire for privacy as a way to disconnect from others. 

With a Mars-ruled Venus, you find it easy to initiate relationships with anyone you need to connect with. You seem to know the right people to get things done and can find ways to work with others in financially beneficial ways. 

You keep friends because you tend to be there through the good times and the bad. Because you care so deeply, sometimes you can pull back from relationships when they get a little too demanding for you. It’s okay to set boundaries but make sure that you aren’t pulling back from vulnerability.

Read about Venus in the houses.



Your ideal relationships will be with people who are up for an adventure. You want to head out for a drive or a bike ride and talk about things. Being able to ask, “What do you think about this?” is an important part of being with other people. 

Sometimes you seem to change your mind about how you feel about people. With a Jupiter-ruled Venus, you have a buoyant personality that makes it easy for you to strike up conversations with people and make friends and acquaintances. You might have a philosophical mind and like sharing your ideas with others. It’s important for you to keep yourself moving and you like to be on the go. But, when it’s time to lay around and read a book or watch tv, you can get down with that too. 

It’s important for you to have some relationships with people who are idealistic, philosophical or spiritual matches. The exchange of ideas is something that you value.

Read about Venus in the houses.



You value people who are willing to work with you. Whether you own a business with a friend or surround yourself with people who will help you reach your goals, you definitely do not want to be in relationships with people who hold you back. You like dependability and security, and are attracted to mature people with experiences that give their age depth. 

You know who to delegate tasks to, although you can also convince yourself that you are the only one who can accomplish something. With a Saturn-ruled Venus, you can get a reputation for being a boss. 

Behind closed doors, you’re actually quite sensual and deep. If you are giving your attention to someone, you really want to be there, so you demand that they respect your time. You want to gather in ways that feel purposeful.

Read about Venus in the houses.



If someone can’t keep up with your mind, then you’re not interested in giving them your time. You have your own interpretation of everything and are attracted to eccentric and intelligent people who will expand, not inhibit your understanding of the world. What someone has to say is more important than how they look to you. 

You might struggle with your own connection to your body, having a tendency to intellectualize things like sex, love, and romance. With a Saturn-ruled Venus in a fixed air sign, you are open to new ideas but you can sometimes be a little overly concerned with being right about things. This can make you seem emotionally distant or cold at times. You enjoy people who are confident and able to test your ideas, but sometimes your tendency towards connecting through the mind means you don’t realize when your love for affectionate debate are getting in the way of a softer touch. 

You value lovers who feel like friends and friends who feel like lovers, and love to talk to people about the past and the future. You can be more tuned into other people than others might guess. When receiving compliments on your appearance, you’re more likely to to respond with “That’s nice, but what about what I said!” You do still enjoy some adoration, even if it’s not for your physical appearance.

Read about Venus in the houses.


You give abundant love that feels like a gift from above to those you touch. You are sensitive to the feelings of the people around you and can tell what they need. Because of this, you can be over-generous at times. You really believe in selfless love in a world where we are not always encouraged to do so. 

Honesty is important to you, but sometimes you’re not sure where your own commitments come from in relationships. Someone who is just as creative and imaginative as you are is highly prized, and when you find the right people to be around you are devoted to showing how much you care about them. This makes you a highly valued friend to many. 

When you feel you’ve let someone else down, you can wallow and be hard on yourself. We all make mistakes, and although you might have some idealistic notions about relationships in your heart you know that making mistakes is how we grow. With a Jupiter-ruled Venus, you can sometimes want to focus on the positive, bypassing downsides and pitfalls. It’s important for you to have people who will give you practical feedback on matters of the heart.

Read about Venus in the houses.


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