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Understanding Your Venus Sign

Sep 11, 2019

Venus is often referred to as the planet of love, but understanding your Venus sign tells you more than what you’re attracted to. 

Venus tells us how we relate to other people and what our social values are. It shows how you express emotions in personal relationships, including friends and coworkers. It shows how you best receive love and what motivates your actions. It shows what makes you desirable, which means embodying your Venus sign for any gender will give you the ability to grow flowers wherever you walk (or at least walk with confidence).  

Venus is never more than 48 degrees from the Sun, which means your Venus is in the two signs before or after your Sun sign, or in the same sign as your Sun. You can easily determine your Venus sign online (download a free chart here). If you don’t know your birth time, you won’t be able to tell which house your Venus falls in, but you can still determine the sign.

Nothing in astrology happens in isolation. For a complete understanding of your Venus sign, book a reading.


look at these things first.

1. do you have a day chart or a night chart?

If you were born during the day then the Sun will be over the horizon line or above your ascendant in your natal chart. If you were born at night then the Sun will be below the horizon line or below your ascendant in your natal chart. If you have a night chart then Venus is your benefic of sect and is the most positive planet in your natal chart, and is more likely to bring positive qualities and experiences to you. If you have a day chart then Jupiter is your benefic of sect, which makes Venus a slightly less positive planet for you, although it is still a primarily positive planet. 

Learn more about day and night charts here.

2. is your venus a morning star or an evening star?

One of the additional elements to consider with your Venus sign is if you were born when Venus was the Morning Star or Evening Star. 

Early skywatchers noticed that Venus, the brightest “star” in the sky, went from the eastern sky in the morning to the western sky in the early evening. Before Pythagoras pointed out that the “morning star,” or Lucifer, and the “evening star” Hesperus were really the same, they were known as two different stars. Learn more about Venus’s Cycle at this website.

In astrology, you can identify if you were born during a Morning Star or an Evening Star by locating the Sun in your natal chart (download a free chart here). If Venus is clockwise from the Sun, your Venus type is Lucifer or Morning Star. Morning Star folks are emotionally resilient and open to new experiences. They are more likely to feel comfortable displaying emotions. 

If your Venus is counterclockwise from the Sun, your Venus type is Hesperus or the Evening Star. Evening Star folks tend to carry their emotions internally. They are more likely to continually process their emotions on their own.

3. were you born during a venus retrograde?

If you have Venus retrograde in your natal chart, you might struggle with your appearance or with connecting to others. You might doubt your value or feel like you cannot be your true self. It is important for you to know that you are the only person who can define your worth. Beauty, recognition, appreciation and love begin inside of ourselves. By honoring what makes me unique and what I love about myself, I open myself up to receive love from others. Internal validation is the key to your own happiness.

Learning to be vulnerable in relationships is important. If you struggle to share with someone else but you desire a deeper connection, remember that being honest about your feelings brings stronger love and deeper understanding. ⁠

Looking to when your Venus stations direct by secondary progression can help you understand when a different way of approaching relationships might enter your life.

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