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Saturn in Pisces: Embodied Love

Apr 03, 2023

I’ve noticed a pattern since Saturn entered Pisces on March 7.

So many people I know and follow, especially business owners, have had to make last minute adaptations to their plans.

I experienced this myself at the beginning of March, when I became ill and my grandmother passed away. I had to completely pause what I was doing and come up with a new plan of action. I’ve seen many people experience similar things—needing to reschedule an event or an important meeting due to LIFE. Illness, death, weather, technology issues and more can make our best laid plans fall apart.

This experience can be so confronting to our egos, as we realize we don't have control everything and have to let other people see that we actually can't fix it all or make it work all of the time.

During my channeling sessions last week, I received this message that felt so poignantly aligned to WHY this is happening to so many people publicly right now:

When we start from the beginning we find that it is through our trials and tribulations that the last story found its meaning.

While we hope for things not to get bad again we know that it’s the bad stuff that drives the plot forward. Our trials are the plots points in the story where the hero (US) learns what they need to take their next leap. This is what brings meaning to our life.

I find that being witnessed in our insecurity and imperfection is one of the most terrifying parts of being human, yet when we are brave enough to show others that LIFE IS NOT PERFECT and yet we are able to ADAPT AND TAKE IMPERFECT ACTION…

We show each other what it means to be embodied love.

When I think of the energy of Saturn in Pisces, the image that comes to me is Moss. Some forms of Moss can remain dry for years only to become rehydrated within seconds of coming into contact with water.

Our ability to receive nourishment can be like that.

We can go for years… maybe even the last six years, feeling DRY. We might have felt dehydrated, brittle and lifeless. As so much energy is shifting right now, you might feel like you’re coming into contact with water again.

Oh, I can absorb this, you might realize. I can actually handle this, where I didn’t feel that I could even just yesterday.

HANDLING IT meaning, not abandoning what we need to nourish others... but shifting our game plan to nourish ourselves.

Are you coming back to your fullest expression, like dehydrated moss absorbing water? Do you feel like there is depth and shade within you where there wasn’t before?

The more we ALLOW ourselves to show ourselves others that it is OKAY to abandon our plans to show up for ourselves and our closest loved ones—the more we allow each other to arrive each day in fullest expression of our soul.

If you’re curious about Saturn in Pisces and want to learn more about what it has in store for you, be sure to read my latest blog post about Saturn in Pisces and Pluto in Aquarius.

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