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Full Moon in Sagittarius Horoscopes

May 23, 2021

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius happens on May 26, 2021. This is the reverberation of an unraveling that began June 5, 2020, when the eclipses on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis began. We are entering into the next phase of this eclipse story, which asks us to release one story about what happened in order to spin a more positive or optimistic narrative. 

How this applies to you in your personal life is determined by the houses that Sagittarius and Gemini rule in your chart. It is in these areas of your life that you are going through your own ending. Your own treaty is underway. 

Gemini and Sagittarius are two signs that relate to our curiosity. What do we want to learn? How do we want to change what we believe and who we believe? Notice the shifts that you have already made in these areas of your life. 

This Full Moon comes just days after the Sun’s entrance into Gemini, which happened on Thursday, May 20. Gemini asks questions—what questions do you have right now? 

Mercury is in its pre-retrograde shadow at the Full Moon, but will station retrograde a few days later on May 29. Agreements and conclusions that we come to on the Full Moon feel final with the energy of the eclipse, but a process of reviewing and editing is necessary with Mercury’s retrograde cycle. 

Saturn is also retrograde throughout Gemini season. It stationed retrograde in Aquarius just a few days before the Full Moon, and the work that we have committed ourselves to is also up for renegotiation. Saturn likes structure and boundaries, but Mercury in Gemini asks for flexibility and openness to change. Which archetype are you playing at this time? 

Mars in Cancer is trine to the centaur Nessus and asteroid Pallas Athene in Pisces. It is an emotional question, but the energy asks where you can take action to remove yourself from patterns of feeling like a victim? With Jupiter in Pisces bringing some optimism to these signs, we are asked to be open to a more hopeful and optimistic belief system. At the same time, we don’t want to be oblivious to the reality of the situation in our own lives or on an international scale. Listen to and respond to your energy, know what you have the capacity to hold at this time, and examine the ways in which you engage with caring for yourself, your neighbors, and the world. 

These eclipses happen alongside a newsworthy focal point of America's role in international conflict, including billions of dollars in financial investments annually to Israel. Criticism of President Joe Biden’s defense and support of right-wing governments in Israel and Colombia are coming at the same time as requests for United States aid for Covid vaccines in India. 

From the perspective of Americans, Sagittarius can relate to foreign affairs, where Gemini can relate to what is happening on our own soil. The eclipses on this axis have coincided with major uprisings for racial justice and civil rights. 

The Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius is happening at 5° Sagittarius, just 2° from Joe Biden’s own ascendant at 3° Sagittarius. His role as a decision maker in international conflict is going to be highlighted at this time. His ability to handle relationships at home and abroad will align with what he strongly believes counts as collective justice. 

The Sabian symbol highlighted by the Gemini Sun is: WORKMEN DRILLING FOR OIL, which weighs the risk and reward of cooperation with those who have access to wealth. There is a goal of striking it rich, perhaps a hope of literally finding oil, that becomes the focus at the expense of the people who matter.

The Sabian symbol highlighted by the Sagittarius Moon is: A GAME OF CRICKET, which is a game of choosing sides with the polite and important international players.

Where this eclipse could bring a proposed ending to conflict, the story will be revisited with the New Moon eclipse happening in Gemini on June 10. The story of what we are asked to release in these signs will come to completion on December 4, 2021, with a final New Moon eclipse in Sagittarius. 




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You are transitioning from teacher to student and student to teacher. While you might not be the biggest expert, your role is to guide those we are beginning to learn as you once were. How does what you know now feel like it came from a former life? Did you feel that way ten years ago? What about twenty years ago? 

Something is shifting and your neighbors and friends are now asking you to share a little more about what you have learned. The opportunity to seize comes on June 10, so over the next few weeks refer back to your old books and notes in order to see just how far you have come. What are curious about now that wasn’t even in your worldview decades ago. So much. There is always so much more to explore for you Aries. 

Jupiter in Pisces invites you to explore all that is hidden below the surface. Have fun but know what your limits are. Keep a grasp on reality by maintaining a connection with home—the place you live. How are you caring for your body as you expand outward in so many directions? 

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Being your own money maker gives you a good feeling of stability and self-worth, but since last summer you have had to rely on others for access to your resources more than you would like. At this Full Moon eclipse in Sagittarius, you are moving some financial responsibilities around and figuring out how to put a little more money into your own pockets by June 10. 

This might force you to review your spending and expenses while Mercury is retrograde until June 22. There might also be more responsibilities on your plate at work, but with Uranus in your own sign you are more innovative than ever. Keeping things relatively the same is your comfort zone, but the square between Saturn and Uranus is inviting you to liberate yourself from your own expectations. As you shake things up outwardly, you’ll benefit from meeting new people who will help you reach your material and financial goals. 

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At this time, you’re focusing on yourself and your direction. That might require leaving some people who have helped you grow behind. Mercury will be retrograde in your own sign until June 22, and you’re thinking about who you’ve been and where you’ve been and who you need to become in order to get where you want to go. 

You want to go far—like out of this country far. Out of this world far! But what’s the plan to get there? By the New Moon eclipse in Gemini on June 10 you will have cleared something or someone out of the way of reaching walking towards your new path. It’s important that you feel what you are doing is in alignment with what you believe in. Who you are in the world is beginning to expand and this is only the beginning. Next year when Jupiter stays in Pisces you’ll get the chance to really put into action what you are starting now, but you need to be patient. Listening is important when you don’t know the answers yet. Have faith that something bigger is on the way to you, even if you don’t understand it yet. 

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You’ve had to be flexible with how you’re managing your life over the last year. You might feel like you have no energy at this Full Moon eclipse in Sagittarius and you wonder when you’ll get back to normal again. Maybe the point isn’t to get back to normal. As a Cancer, the movement of the Moon is your guide. The Moon changes and from day to day, moment to moment, you are always invited to be with what is present. Working with this energy is part of what you’re here to learn, and with Jupiter’s ingress into Pisces until July 28 your role as a teacher and a guide is becoming more important. This is a huge motivator for you right now, and you might be putting even more pressure on yourself to manage all of the things that need to be done. 

Don’t forget about why you need the liminal space, the meditative space—as this is what connects you to your widest intuition and imagination. No, you can’t do, do, do as everyone else might think you need to. You need to feel, feel, feel too, and it’s critical that you prioritize this just as much as the doing. 

Mercury will be retrograde until June 22, inviting you to be flexible in your approach to things. Your resting and dreaming is here to guide you, so surrender to the process of Mercury and trust that growth will come. 

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There’s an audience of people ready to applaud for you, and you’re willing to put all of the work you’ve done and more in to meet their needs. By the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini on June 10, you’ll be in the position to receive some love from this new audience. You can’t receive the applause if you don’t show up and get out there. How did you perform fearlessly as a child? How did it feel to be completely over the top without any inhibitions? When do you learn to stop that? 

There’s a relationship dynamic that is limiting your complete and total expression of yourself. There are boundaries and limitations that might have you feeling ashamed.

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on May 26 asks you to bring your project to completion. Maybe the project is a creative project, or maybe it is a request from the child within. A much bigger shift in how other people see you is coming over the next couple of years, so take note of what or who is holding you back now. Do they have your best interest in mind? Maybe they do, but maybe the most over the top child within does too. 

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You’re ready to change where you are and step into the world with the new you, and there’s someone who is holding your hand as you expand into the future. The time between the Full Moon on May 26 and the New Moon on June 10 is a pivotal turning point for you and your most important relationships, and the way that you communicate about the future might be a big focus as you wait for the next chapter of your life to start. 

Mercury is retrograde in Gemini until June 22, and it asks you a very important question: Did you fail, or are you rewriting the story of who you are? You have the chance to change the future, the way people think, and the direction your life is taking you. This means there’s a place or a person you need to leave behind, but there is so much abundance left with the people who matter and they’re ready to show you how good life can be. Get out the fanciest flutes to cheers with a bubbly beverage of your choice with your favorite person.  What’s stopping you from talking about the best possible outcome? Rewrite the story with your words and your actions.

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Work opportunities are coming your way thanks to a change in your neighborhood or school, and it’s great but might also feel a little overwhelming. There are lots of different choices and options available to you—but you can’t do everything. Right, Libra? You can’t do it all for everyone but you might be more optimistic about what you can accomplish with your time than you have been in a long time. Focus on accomplishing the things that feel the best and most expansive for you, and take anything that is getting in the way of your creative expansion off of your plate. You might not be able to completely follow through on this until next year, but at least take note of which creative energy thieves you’d like to get rid of now. You might change your mind in the month or so, and that’s okay. You don’t necessarily have to take action on every inspiration and idea you have coming your way right now. Start a journal and take down notes on how you’d like to expand in the future. Jupiter in Pisces brings gifts to your work and money until it retrogrades back into Aquarius on July 28, but get excited for a longer period of blessings from Jupiter in 2022. 

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There is a new financial commitment or opportunity coming your way with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini on June 10, and there’s no manifesting required here. Before that happens, there might be an expense or change in how you’re making money that will take place with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on May 26. There might be some work happening on your home or office that you need to pay for in order to enter into this new contract.

The good news is that Jupiter in Pisces is creating a beneficial water trine to your own sign and Mars in Cancer. The energy allows you to take action steps that will lead you in a very positive direction. Major changes will happen in your life in the couple of years, and the money or assets you’re releasing at the end of this month are setting you up for something bigger to come. Don’t get caught up in how worthy you are based on what’s in your bank account or what you own. Your ability to be a positive, creative, and abundant force is more than valued by the people who love and admire you. Your hidden work will pay off in the future.  

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The person that you need to get curious about right now is you, Sagittarius. You’re getting reacquainted with yourself after a tremendous amount of shedding. The people you interact with are showing you the ways in which you are not the same person anymore—or maybe it’s that you are far more multifaceted than even you realized. There’s lots of aspects of yourself to get to know on a deeper level. Clear a space in the biggest open space in your home to talk it out with yourself. You need some space to exhale any messy feelings out. Be okay with being in process with yourself. 

The New Moon Solar Eclipse on June 10 brings a huge turning point in how you interact with other people, so let’s make sure that you are good with you and where you’re at at this time before we get there. There might be a lot of questions coming from someone else, and it’s important for you to explore answering the questions you have for yourself right now. 

You have a huge foundation to build off of. The support you have to become who you are is growing, whether you find it from your pets, your home, or your family. Some of the ways people have supported you as a neighbor, teacher, student, or worker are shifting with Saturn’s retrograde in Aquarius until October 10. Allow spaciousness with your contracts and commitments and know that the way you approach the value of your work and belongings will continue to transform and change. 

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Not having all of the answers is incredibly frustrating for you, but it’s important not to grip the wheel too tightly. Things always come to their necessary ending in their own time. At the Full Moon on May 26, you might find yourself lost in a story you don’t know the ending to yet. The last year has made it clear what is absolutely necessary for you to survive. As you integrate what you’ve learned, you might be trying to figure out how you can go from surviving to thriving—but you’re not quite there yet.

New and innovative ideas are coming to you, but some education might be necessary. Your focus on learning and teaching will grow over the next couple of months and become a main focus by the beginning of next year. You’ll likely be reviewing your financial and work situation until Saturn stations direct in Aquarius on October 10. The way that you’re going to make money to support yourself in the future might be on your mind, and you might feel like you’re ready to take a step in that direction by the New Moon Solar Eclipse on June 10. Be patient with the process. 

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How do you give and receive love? Are you able to accept it as it is given to you? Are you able to give it in a way that doesn’t empty your tank? There might be a new creative project or pursuit that you would like to bring into the world, or a new person who is making you feel amazing about yourself. If it’s not here yet, wait for the New Moon eclipse happening in Gemini on June 10 and see what arrives. In order for this new outpouring to occur, there’s something or a group of people that you have put your energy into that you’re no longer able to support. 

As you’re adjusting to your new normal once again, you are recalibrating your boundaries. The ways you used to have fun and the people you surround yourself with might be different than they were a year ago. And that’s okay—it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you or that you are an outcast. It means that you are looking for new ways to spark joy in your life. You might be looking for more in your life as the value you have for yourself expands. Dream big. 

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The wheel is turning for you Pisces. In order to grow into your true self, you have to reset the expectations about who you have been in the past. Maybe you’re changing your job, your home, or resetting your image and responsibilities within the containers you already exist in. Mercury’s retrograde in Gemini until June 22 might have you rearranging your space and your style. It might also be time to do some housekeeping on your inner belief system. What are the ways that you limit yourself in an unhealthy or unnecessary way? Jupiter, planet of growth, expansion and opportunity has come home to meet you Pisces. This gives you the spaciousness that you crave to be your truest self, and it’s only the beginning. Jupiter is direct in Pisces until June 20, and remains in the sign until it retrogrades back into Aquarius on July 28. If there is something that you’d like to put into motion, this summer is a wonderful time to begin. You might not see what you start now really get in motion until next year, but keep the trust that something bigger than yourself and what you can see is happening. You are supported. 

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