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Year Ahead Follow-up

$84 for 45-minute session

Once you have had your whole natal chart read, you might have specific questions about aspects of your chart or short-term timing.

A Year Ahead Follow-up reading is an astrology reading best for when you have questions about a specific part of your chart or a specific period of time.

Included in your 45 minute session:

> Customized Astro-Weather a detailed road map of the year ahead using a blend of Hellenistic and Modern Western astrological techniques that allow you to remember what you are here to do, including Zodiacal Releasing, Annual Profections, and Secondary Progressions. We’ll also connect the future to what you have already been through.

> A recorded video of your session will be sent to you after the session via email.

> Optional: Add-on a custom astro-herbal essence to support you on your journey.