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The Cosmic Mother

In this FREE live workshop you will learn about Mother archetypes and relationships in astrology with a lens on intergenerational family patterns.


Do you want to heal intergenerational Maternal wounds? 

Do you want to uncover the gifts of your Maternal lineage? 

Do you feel a draw or connection to Maternal archetypes?


Learn how to heal personal and Universal intergenerational Maternal wounds. 


In this live The Cosmic Mother class, you'll learn...

  • How the Mother energy shows up in an astrological birth chart
  • How to connect to the Cosmic Mother energy for support and guidance
  • How to work with the current astrological cycles for healing personal and Universal intergenerational Maternal wounds

After this class I will extend an invitation to the Cosmic Cycles Astrology Course for those who want to dive deeper. 

Cost: FREE

When: Thursday, May 19 from 5:30-7:00 PM CT (Convert to Your Time Zone Here)

The recording will be available for free until May 26, at which point this class will be available for purchase.

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About Your Guide

Ash Bruxvoort (they/them) is an Ancestral Astrologer and Earth Intuitive who supports sensitive souls in deepening their connection to the wisdom of the Earth and the Cosmos. Their astrological practice blends traditional Hellenistic and Astroherbal methods with past-life healing and animism. They are based on the ancestral, unceded lands of the Báxoǰe, Sauk, and Meskwaki peoples.

Ash is a guide for Earth listeners who would like to uncover their inherited gifts, heal intergenerational patterns and align with their Soul's calling. Their own Maternal ancestors were practicing occultists from the British Isles and they are uncovering the traditions of their ancestors with guidance from many teachers. Their beloved plant guide is Meadowsweet, a sacred herb of their ancestors descending from the British Isles.