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What are flower essences?

Nov 20, 2020


⁠⁠I have always believed strongly in the connection between the sky and the earth, and I find that when I'm lost in the stars I find myself again with the plants. ⁠⁠

Through plants we can communicate with Spirit or the cosmos.

This is something that Edward Bach, creator of the Bach Flower Essences, learned when he began collecting dew from flowers.

In 1917 Bach had a malignant tumour removed from his spleen. It was predicted that he had only three months left to live, but instead he recovered. Bach died in his sleep on 27 November 1936, at the age of 50.

While Bach’s name is known for the healing power of flower essences, many, many indigenous cosmologies honor the spirits of plants and understand the healing power of individual plants by communicating directly to them.

what are flower essences?

It's a really good question. Flower essences are the vibrational, or I like to call it the energetic architecture, of a flower imprinted onto water and preserved in alcohol. I personally use brandy for all of my flower essences. At this time I'm not doing anything that's alcohol-free, although that is a goal for me, for my products in 2021.

The process of making a flower essence looks like is it's a very relationship heavy process, which I really love about it. I go and I communicate with the flowers that are around me. If I feel like a flower is calling to me and listen to that call over the course of a few days or weeks, sometimes depending on how long that flower will bloom. I'm a very sensitive person. When I get a knowing that the flower is asking me to make an essence I will go and sit with the flower and make an offering to that flower. Sometimes that might be a small crystal or something that I've grown in my garden.

Then I sit with the essence and I ask for permission to take its medicine. And in that process, I wait for the flower to give me some kind of indication that it is okay for me to take the essence. So that might be that I hear a song. One time I was harvesting a flower essence, and I asked for permission and I literally heard somebody behind me in the area I was harvesting in and just start shouting, “Yes!” I took that as an indication because it's not just about what's happening in my relationship with the flower, it's what's happening all around my surroundings. That's all communication from the flower. Once I get permission from the flower and then will take leaves of some kind off of the flower and I will actually use the leaf to pluck for most flowers, the individual blossoms off and place that into a bowl of water.

I use astrological timing to decide when I'm going to do this. So I'm thinking about the day of the week and what that corresponds in the planet, the phase that the moon is and the sign that the moon is. I'm thinking about what is the sign that's coming up over the horizon at the time, or what's on the ascendant at the time.

At that point, then that bowl of water will sit in the sun. Although not always, sometimes it's the moon. Sometimes it's a stormy day and that actually suits the essence that I'm making.

After a few hours I take the water from that flower essence and combine half water and half brandy to create the mother essence. I take drops from that mother essence and that is what I put into the flower essence bottles that I am selling or that I give to people and consultations. These are stock bottles.

If you're familiar with a tincture, it's quite a different process. With a tincture you're taking the plant material from whatever plant you're using, such as the leaves, flowers, or roots, and you are putting that into alcohol and letting the alcohol pull all of the medicinal qualities of the plant out into the alcohol. That is usually for a period of 30 days. These are usually used for physical body benefits.

Flower essences can have some physical benefits, but it's really more, at least my focus is much more on the psycho and spiritual benefits of flower essences. Even in the process I described at the beginning of how I work with the flower essence, how I asked for permission, it involves, you know, meditation and prayer. It's a very spiritual process of making these flower essences. And I have found them to be so incredibly helpful in my life.

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how do they work?

The way I like to think about it is that flowers have their own personalities, just like we have our own personalities. And when we look at our natal chart, when we look at our astrology, we are also looking at all of the little personalities that exist within us. A lot of you might know already that you're not just your sun sign. You have a moon sign, you have a rising sign, you have a Mars sign and they might all be in totally different signs. There might be parts of you that don't always get along with each other. Somebody might be a very motivated, action-oriented person, but emotionally they might have really changeable emotions and that might be a struggle for them.

Flowers also have their own personalities, and sometimes those personalities are exactly what we need in our life because we're going through whatever it is. We have a problem. We have some kind of block. That's really, really popular, common way to work with a flower essence. If you feel blocked in a certain area or you feel blocked in a certain aspect of yourself, letting a certain aspect of yourself, be seen, flower essence is kind of really help with things like that.


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