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Tracking My Mood Through the Moon Phases Journal

Jul 21, 2020

As a Cancer Moon, tracking my mood swings over the phases of the Moon was a game change for me.

LITERALLY changed my life for the better.

I have always struggled with depression and anxiety. My emotions ebb and flow and it can be challenging for the people who are closest to me. Learning how to track my mood over the phases and signs of the Moon helped me tap into a deeper understanding of myself, a greater ability to set boundaries, deepened intuitive capacity and core grounding exercises.

Did you know the Moon not only moves through 8 phases but through all 12 signs of the Zodiac over a roughly 28-30-day period? Each sign has its own energy that it brings to the phases of the moon.

Tracking your own moods over the course of the lunar cycle can not only help you manage your energy—it’s the best way to start learning astrology and use it practically in your life.


✨Have more awareness about when to schedule specific activities 
✨Give yourself grace when you don’t feel like doing something on a scheduled day
✨Notice patterns in your own behavior as you interact with different energies

Below you’ll find an example from my own journal that shows how I do this. You can use my free Moon Mood Guidebook to start doing this for yourself.


sample journal


week one

March 24 New Moon Aries
I had a lot of energy to work on all of my projects today and was super productive! I didn’t really like walking into work and needing to answer questions ASAP. I started a couple of projects and took time to work out.

March 25 Waxing Crescent Aries
I was busy all day multitasking. We had a ton of phone calls and orders come in at work. I was really happy to take some quiet time to study by myself when I came home.

March 26 Waxing Crescent Taurus
I was really focused at work. Couldn’t wait to come home and do some work on the yard and the garden.

March 27 Waxing Crescent Taurus

Muddled through a check-in phone call. As soon as I was finished I headed downstairs to start seeds. Didn’t have enough time to get to everything I wanted to, but spent quite a bit of time meditating before my reading. After my reading I chilled out and had some snacks.

March 28 Waxing Crescent Taurus

Didn’t have to work today. It was raining all day so we couldn’t spend much time outside. I was happy to sit on the couch and study herbalism with Marti. When the Sun came out we took advantage of it and went for a long walk, plus got some work done on the yard. I made a flower essence—the snow drops were coming up.

March 29 Waxing Crescent Gemini

Worked on starting seeds. Tried to listen to a podcast but my app wasn’t working, which was annoying. Had a great reading with an old friend. Marti and I went on a long walk and talked the whole time, checking out houses. We saw neighbors across the street from each other raking leaves and talking.

March 30 Waxing Crescent Gemini

Marti and I spent the whole day working on the yard. Our neighbor came over to chat with us for a little bit. I was very focused on getting the trees up out of the yard, so I didn’t feel like stopping to talk. I didn’t feel like studying or exercising in the evening, I was more in the mood to talk about our plans for the yard.


week two

March 31 Waxing Crescent Cancer

Today the Moon was in my own Moon sign. I was in the mood to be alone, but I had to go to work early for an appointment. I do think I helped my client, which felt good. I spent most of my time working on tea blends and filling orders for people. I felt overwhelmed by the mess in the shop right now. I was very focused on getting computer work done when I came home.

April 1 First Quarter Cancer

I knew that I wouldn’t have alone time at work today, but once I settled into talking about how everyone feels about what is happening right now I was actually in a pretty good mood. I wanted to come home and go straight to studying, but Marti wanted a snack and a little help on the deck. I took care of her needs for a little bit, and then I gave myself the time I needed to stay up late and study in silence. I hope this will balance me for tomorrow.

April 2 Waxing Gibbous Cancer/Leo

It was a long day and I worked most of the day. I was moody but I was mostly able to combat my moodiness with gratitude. I took some time to hula hoop and do yoga, which helped me release built up tension. Overall I was very productive.

April 3 Waxing Gibbous Leo

I woke up late but I worked most of the day. I made a few tinctures. I was very focused on a creative project and did not want to be taken from it. My intention was to study but I wasn’t in the mood for it. I took action more freely on my ideas.

April 4 Waxing Gibbous Leo/Virgo

I continued working on and revising my project. I did a little bit of garden work. I didn’t feel like listening to anything but my own inspiration. After the Moon moved into Virgo I made time to exercise. I didn’t feel like doing it when the Moon was in Leo.

April 5 Waxing Gibbous Virgo

Really wanted to go outside but had to get some computer work done. Set a deadline for myself, worked efficiently and then went out to work on the yard. I enjoyed crawling around in the grass and laying a walking path with Marti. We were using bags of small rock, which reminded me of the playground at my elementary school. I loved the way the rocks sounded when I jumped in them from the swing.

April 6 Waxing Gibbous Virgo

Was super focused and easily balanced work and play. Got all of my tasks done at a reasonable time so that I could watch television and unwind a little bit.

week three

April 7 Waxing Gibbous Libra

Felt tired in the afternoon because I haven’t been sleeping. Really wanted to relax, but didn’t feel like I could. Got a lot done but felt hard on myself about whether or not I got “enough” done.

April 8 Full Moon Libra

Was super energized. Stayed up way too late because I couldn’t sleep. Felt creative and productive but all drained. Like I couldn’t stop working but really need to sleep. Wanted to cry but couldn’t. Enjoyed a group breath work class. Felt the need for connection and harmony but also felt pessimistic.

April 9 Waning Gibbous Scorpio

It was a rough day. After not sleeping at all the night before, I woke up to bad news. I couldn’t help but cry at work. I really just wanted to be left alone, but I went for a walk in the evening and that helped bring a positive ending to my day. I had to go to bed early.

April 10 Waning Gibbous Scorpio

It was very cold today. I had a very strange day at work, which made the rest of the day a little strange. It started snowing out of nowhere, so we don’t walk as long as we wanted to. We got Indian takeout, which made the day more enjoyable.

April 11 Waning Gibbous Sagittarius

I was slow to start, but by the afternoon I made time to study for a few hours. I felt a little off in the evening, like energized and tired at the same time.

April 12 Waning Gibbous Sagittarius

I felt a little slow on this day too. I had a few readings in the afternoon and after that I studied and wrote. I got everything done on time and I had quite a bit of focus.

April 13 Waning Gibbous Capricorn

So much to do and not very much motivation to get it done. It helped to have a list already made so that I knew what my must-do items were and could take some necessary rest after I finished my important tasks.

week four

April 14 Last Quarter Moon Aquarius

Managed to get a little bit of studying done and took care of laundry around the house. I was in the mood to tidy things up and wrap a few projects up. Felt like I needed to have more tarot pulls than usual to get me through the day.

April 15 Waning Crescent Aquarius

Busy day at work seemed to wear me out a little more than normal but enjoyed seeing some of my favorite customers.

April 16 Waning Crescent Aquarius

Made time to hula hoop today and listen to some music which really helped me feel restored. Also took some time to do a guided meditation and journal.

April 17 Waning Crescent Aquarius

Spent way too much time scrolling social media today. I felt like reading but for some reason had a hard time disconnecting from reading the news on Twitter.

April 18 Waning Crescent Pisces

Felt more imaginative and daydreamy today. Definitely did not feel like working. I took some time to be in the garden and just listen to my headphones. I saw a squirrel hanging out on the fence watching me.

April 19 Waning Crescent Pisces

Had a really hard time getting out of bed today. Didn’t really feel like talking to anyone. Drank more than normal.

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