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Sun & Moon: Luminaries in Astrology

Feb 14, 2021

The ongoing exchange between the Sun and the Moon sets the pace and energy of life. As the Sun casts its light onto Earth, we are rejuvenated by its intensity and fueled by its warmth. When the Sun is more visible, we are outside more, interacting with the world around us. The days feel long and we chase the daylight. 

When the Moon takes over the reigns and we are graced by a night sky, our level of energy might be further informed by the phase of the Moon. How bright is the light of the Moon? As the Moon gains light energy, we might find ourselves up late creating or pondering. As the Moon loses light energy, we are called even deeper within ourselves. It is a time of inner reflection. 

The further we are from a balance exchange between the Sun and the Moon, the more unpredictable or unequal the exchange of energy becomes. If there is too much light, we run the risk of burning out. In the hottest days of the Sun. In the brightest light of the Moon. 

If there is not enough light, we might lose our spark or our drive. More inputs are required. 


two central figures in astrology

Without the Sun or the Moon, we can’t determine the sect of a chart. We can’t capture the essence without knowing the placement of the Sun and the Moon in the birth chart—not only the sign they are placed in, but the relationship between day and night. Without knowing the time of birth or the ascendant, we do not know which luminary is ruling over the sky in the chart. 

This is part of why the time of birth is so important for an accurate natal chart interpretation, but also the basis for the concept of the “Big Three” in astrology, or the idea that your Sun, Moon and Rising sign are the three most important signs. They are extremely important, however I would argue that the planet ruling over the ascendant or rising sign is the most important planet to look at when first understanding a chart.

In traditional astrology, the Sun represented the father and the Moon represented the mother. The concept of gender is very ingrained into the Sun and the Moon. The Sun is commanding and the Moon is receptive. What happens when the Sun is a woman? Does she demand too much attention? What happens when the Moon becomes a man? Does he need to toughen up? 

The Sun might also represent the body, while the Moon represents the mind. 

The Sun can also represent rulers, while the Moon can represent people. We could say that both have authority. But how much? 

When eclipses occur, the exchange of energy between the Sun and the Moon shifts. Light is cut off. There is a shift in power or authority. These events can take place internally and/or externally. 

Any time there is an imbalance between the amount of light we receive from the Sun and the Moon, there is a noticeable difference in the rhythm of the day, which impacts the body and the mind. People become depressed or cold when there is not enough light from the Sun. People become prone towards “lunacy” when there the Moon’s light is moving into its peak intensity.

There is this sense that these luminaries do rule over our society, our bodies, and our minds. They are a noticeable part of our everyday life. The shifts that we can see, like the rising and falling of these luminaries, impact us—so how do the less noticeable or subtle changes of the Sun and the Moon impact us?

The Sun moves into a new sign around every 30 days, the Moon every 2-3 days. They move us through every area of our lives and invite us to see and explore new perspectives. We each have our own comfort zone or perspective—our own Sun, our own Moon—and we move through the year the movement of the two luminaries shines lights into the things we need to look at more. Their rhythms are the lightning bugs guiding our life.

alchemical + medical interpretations

The Sun is gold. The Sun is the heart. The Sun is the head. The Sun is the internal flame. 

The Moon is silver. The Moon is the breast. The Moon is the brain. The Moon is the stomach. 

The heart is in the breast. The brain is in the head. The flame is in the stomach. 

dignity and debility of the sun

The Sun is in its domicile in Leo. The Sun is exalted in Aries. The Sun is in adversity in Aquarius. The Sun is in fall in Libra. 

The Moon is in its domicile in Cancer. The Moon is exalted in Taurus. The Moon is in adversity in Capricorn. The Moon is in fall in Scorpio.

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