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Full Moon in Scorpio Horoscopes

Apr 21, 2021

The Full Moon in Scorpio is exact on April 26, 2021 at 10:31 PM CT. 

This lunation is six days before Beltane, lighting the fire of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. In the days between the Full Moon in Scorpio and the New Moon in Taurus, we will walk through the fire to celebrate the incoming season but also lift up and honor the needs of our community.

This Taurus season transit is a profound opportunity for shadow work. The Sun in Taurus is just a few degrees from Uranus in Taurus and they are both square to Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius. The fixed square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus is one of the major astrological markers of 2021. 

The first of the three exact squares happened on February 17, 2021, and the next one will happen June 14, 2021. The final one happens on December 24, 2021.

These two planets have not been exactly square to each other since 1999 and will not make this aspect again until 2043.

There is a push for liberation from authority that is happening on two fronts. Financial liberation or liberation from structures of traditional religion and technological or collective liberation. As the two create some tension, there is also the tension of knowing that something is happening and about to happen but not having access to the new playbook. Saturn and Uranus are having a conversation about the playbook.

This Full Moon in Scorpio takes us into underworld processing that must happen before the next Uranus-Saturn square on June 14. This tension between the old and new ruler is so intense in this time. It’s important to note that the next Full Moon we have will be an eclipse. While this Full Moon in Scorpio is not an eclipse, it does carry that weighty energy of unexpected endings, death, and change. 

Venus in Taurus makes an exact conjunction with Black Moon Lilith at this Full Moon, touching a stubborn wound and opening it up. Venus in Taurus asks—what about this part of you are you ashamed of? Is it not your nature? Mercury in Taurus gives a voice to the defeated aspect of the self and asks it to transform its sensitivity into a passionate fire. 

Where Taurus wants something faceted, Scorpio wants something rough cut. With Mars in Cancer ruling over the Moon in Scorpio, vulnerable, intense emotional waves can rise up. The more we rock back and forth resisting the wave, the more nauseous we can make ourselves. The Moon and Mars are exchanging signs here, exchanging places. We are equipped to deal with this tempest. We have learned about the power of vulnerability.

Within five hours of this Full Moon’s exact lunation, Pluto will station retrograde in Capricorn. Pluto, the modern ruler of Scorpio, begins rolling back. We return to fear, but we also return to love.

I love working with the energy of the Full Moon because it speaks to an important rule in astrology: We transform through our opposite. 

At the Full Moon, the two luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, bring our awareness to the reality that polarities are opposite but also the same. This is acutely present at the Full Moon in Scorpio. 

Saturn, the traditional ruler of Aquarius, is in a nearly exact square with Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius. 

A change in ruler is required at this time—and how will that impact you? Pluto in Capricorn stationing retrograde makes me think about generational pain and healing. How are the burdens of your ancestors living on with you? How do they arise in the way you speak to yourself? It could be that they were not respected and so you feel you are not deserving—it could also be that they would not have respected who you are today. They would not have respected your truth. How does that make you feel? 

The centaur Chiron, discovered in 1977, orbits within Saturn and Uranus’ orbit, which speaks to the healing of inner and outer wounds on the path to separating from society’s expectations in order to fulfill the individual’s unique expression and authentic growth. There is work that has to be done in front of us and also behind the scenes. We are all part of the work in the visible and invisible creation of a new beginning.

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This Full Moon in Scorpio invites you to reclaim your sense of self-worth. Aries, you’ve had Chiron in your own sign since 2018 and while you’re no stranger to being independently fierce, this transit has asked you to over and over again to fight for your right to be you. You’ve learned so much already about how when you show up as your true self you make space for others to do the same. At this Full Moon, you are deeply aware that the work you are doing not only spreads worthy resources in the material world but in the spiritual world as well. I see you out in the woods walking and contemplating the meaning of death, family, and your values. The unseen world is close to you now, and there are strange people who came before you that would like to thank you for the work that you do. As far as people go, like the ones you can see in flesh and blood, they might be a source of doubt for you now. Is the way that you’re organizing actively in alignment and supporting your values system? Is your power to creatively transform valued enough? This Full Moon might ask you to let go or reclaim some resources you’ve shared freely for far too long and ask you to recuperate in the darkness as you consider what respect needs to feel like for you. 

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How do the buds on the trees make you feel, Taurus? You understand the rhythms of the natural world, as they are a source of support through your ongoing evolution. Your season is an opportunity for you to bud, but before you bloom with the New Moon in Taurus on May 11, you have to walk the road of the unknown. There is a part of you that must be recognized and adored at this Full Moon—but do you adore it yet? That is the question that you will have to grapple with over the next two weeks. Other people might reflect your ideological expansions back to you. While you can find value in tradition more than most Taurus, you’ve been on a journey of liberating yourself from the ones that no longer fit. Saturn in Aquarius asks, no, demands that you take responsibility for the way you show up in the world. Where can you take your stubbornness to show up as vulnerable as you ever have so that others can feel themselves in your reflection? It is a lot of responsibility, but you know you don’t have to achieve it all over night. You are the master of the methodical approach, and you know how to take slow steps in the right direction. Your worth, your values, lead the way. 

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Who is in charge of you? At this Full Moon in Scorpio, you will be no one’s servant… although you may be committed to something larger than yourself. There is serving and then there is honoring. Honoring something larger than yourself is part of your work, and it’s all you are really interested in as we enter into waning Moon time. Your inner world is a source of inspiration. If you could build a fort of trees around you and simply listen to the messages of the wind, you would feel content in those boundaries. A big transformation is under review in the weeks and months ahead. The work might look invisible to others, but you know the truth. Truth is an interesting word for you, the one who is always the beginner. It’s not that you need to be a master of any specific thing. With Saturn in Aquarius in a harmonious trine with your own sign this year, you might waver on how important expertise is to you. Inner wisdom might be your most important achievement. 

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You try as much as you can to find a place to belong. At the Full Moon in Scorpio, you might see just how important what you create is for your audience. You might see how your powerful sensitivity creates a container for others to share theirs. The ways that you have so powerfully impacted others will be shown to you this Taurus season, and you deserve it Cancer. Do you know that?

Some people have not stuck around, but even when you have felt like you were hiding you were making an impact. You are sensitive but you are also strong. You have passion. You have guts. Bullies will not take you down because you have learned how to witness and integrate the pain from your own suffering. You are holding the flame for others who are beginning to learn. The work feels magical and illusive, but trust that it is yours to do. 

You can share when you are still in process. When Jupiter enters Pisces on May 13, your role as a guide or a teacher will reach a clarifying point. The fog has not completely cleared, and the process continues always, but certainly through the rest of the year you are still reflecting on all that you have learned. Your processing is a necessary part of what you need to share. Prioritize it. 

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The spotlight is on you at this Full Moon in Scorpio, Leo, and while you wouldn’t necessarily tell everyone that you have a lot of feelings about it you definitely do. There is a reason that you are being shown to the world at this time, and it’s because you have an important message to share. You have liberated yourself from a source of shame, you have made your own way and in doing so you have paved the way for other people. 

Just because you are a role model doesn’t mean you always have to be strong on the outside. You don’t always have to be pulled together on the outside. Your voice might crack, you might lose your place in the middle of singing your song. That’s okay, the people who matter know how much you have done your work. There is a responsibility you feel to others at this time. With Saturn in Aquarius opposite to your own sign, it’s true that you have been asked to step up. But stepping up doesn’t require you to be perfect in order to be worthy. Just your presence, just your voice, is enough. 

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Without the people, what is a place? How do the people transform the way a place feels? 

The things that you create transform. Your creations serve the collective change in a way that aligns with your values. The people who have and do witness it can see the power you have to deliver a message. It’s not that you’re a spiritual leader, but it is a spiritual thing to you. You might not call it spiritual, so we’ll just say that there are guiding principles you would like to uphold. These are the things that you value, and what you feel others value about what you bring to the world. 

But I want to talk about something with you. There are things that you have learned that you should do in order to succeed in life. There are ways of serving that you have done for a long, long time, and at this Full Moon you might wonder how you’re measuring up. How are you showing up in community with your values? 

Maybe it’s not so much about what you do, when the what is the list of things that you should do. Maybe it’s more about what you say and how you say it, how it makes people feel. Maybe it’s about how the way you communicate transforms a space. Have faith that you will hold the space, that what you make will become something larger than yourself.

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A role that you play in the world is coming to an end and there is grief that needs to be tended to. Oh, but you’d rather no one see. You are changing intensely and the way you feel about yourself is all wrapped up into it. If things end, can you be the same? If you’re not the same, what then? What value do you have? 

This Full Moon in Scorpio asks you to validate yourself Libra. It asks you to know that when you take action people do see it. They do respect it. You like to make sure everything looks beautiful, but Scorpio asks you to value the part of the process that requires letting go. There is a shadow here, something you’ve inherited about the way you’re meant to grieve. Grief happens in hiding, behind closed doors, maybe even with a priest. Is that what you believe? You’re still figuring out what you believe and that’s okay. 

Maybe grief happens as you change your space. Maybe the ritual of cleaning up and putting away is a way to tend to yourself. You don’t need to baer your pain for the world to see, but you do need to find a way to tend to what is coming up. There is a drive to create something and do the work to see its success. Maybe that’s your way of surrendering. 

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Belief means acceptance that something is true or something exists. There are beliefs you have about yourself—they may or may not be true. Whether they are true or not, you believe them, and it shows in the way you interact with the people around you. It can mean whatever you want it to mean, but this is your Full Moon, so it’s important to know that you might be very intuitive. You might be very perceptive. Well, you always are, aren’t you? 

But sometimes you’re also a little restless. Sometimes there is a lot of pressure at home or work or in your family, and what you are perceiving is coming from a place of being exhausted. And then are the beliefs still true, or are they assumptions? Maybe it’s time to change the way you see things. 

We transform through our opposite, and for you it is Taurus. It is boundaries. It is voice. It is giving a name to the things that come up when you realize they are not beliefs you would like to hold anymore. Boundaries can be cutting away—how can you ritualize it? It’s more than just talking to other people about it, it’s about admitting to yourself when you’re saying something you don’t believe. It’s about committing to learning a new way of thinking about yourself. Grab the scissors, snip snip. You out of anyone know how to glue yourself back together again. 

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What are the ways you tend to yourself? How do you nourish your body, mind, and soul? How do you serve yourself? This Full Moon in Scorpio asks you to commit to the daily rituals of care on every level. You are grappling with your own philosophy on health. Not everyone can see what you are going through Sagittarius, and maybe you want it that way right now. Maybe you’d just like to close the door and put lotion on your skin. Maybe you’d just like to hydrate privately for a moment. When you’ve shed so much, you need to let the water plump you up again. 

For one whole year you have had to let go. You have learned so much, and of course you love to learn, but this Full Moon reflects the inner work back to you. Next year, you will be working deeply with the themes of what is coming up right now, so take notice. You want to serve your community, but maybe right now you need to serve you. You want to talk to someone, but maybe right now you need to talk to you. There is no shame in leaving some of your energy to yourself. There is no shame in saying, these feelings are for me right now. There is no shame in not knowing what comes next, as your growth process continues to guide you through an underworld. Listen to the waves. 

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What if it was your responsibility to be creative, Capricorn? What if it was your job to take your own struggle and liberate yourself from the shame through creation? What if a whole community could see themselves in what you create, and you were able to help them fight back the bullies within? 

You know what it’s like to judge yourself, don’t you? That harsh critic has gotten a workover for the last 13 years. It’s not that they have gone away completely, but maybe you’ve been able to give them a name. How can you help other people give their inner critic a name? Maybe you’re not ready for the stage yet. That’s okay. But understand that your creative process is absolutely part of your work. Understand that what you have a passion for teaching will help other people overcome the same hurdles that you have. Jupiter moves into Pisces on May 13, and it’s time for you to teach. The seeds you plant from May 13 to July 27 will grow into mighty oaks by the early part of 2022. So what do you have a passion to share? You can learn and grow and guide all at the same time, in fact, that is part of the cyclical process of growth. Like the Oak, you will grow and then you will fall. That’s okay. Time isn’t a straight line, as you’ve had to learn. What is circling back through you now? 

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How is your inner family, Aquarius? Yes, there might be a real ending with a family or home. Someone important to you needs healing and you are asked to be there and witness what is happening to them. You wouldn’t necessarily call yourself a healer, but the way you serve and show up can be a healing reflection for others. You’ve had a deep revolution that isn’t visible to everyone else, but I can see that you have had to face and release your fears over and over again for 13 years. The work isn’t done, but think about how you have felt each time that you have let go. It’s hard and then there is a lightness.

What is happening with you on the inside—the inner manager, the inner caretaker, the inner child. How are they all doing? How are they interacting? When Jupiter moves from your own sign and into Pisces on May 13, you will see how your self-compassion has expanded. You have high expectations of yourself and of everyone else and you want your values to be reflected not only in your own work but in the work of the communities you are involved with. This Full Moon in Scorpio asks you to feel the way that you serve others and how you have had to pave your own way, away from the influence of the people who have authority over you. What has made others uncomfortable in the past can be recognized as important. What people don’t always understand about you is that you like to uphold traditions at home, you just like to do it your own way. Where’s the same in that? 

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At this Full Moon in Scorpio, you are confronted with the hidden responsibility you have to transform your community through teaching and learning. It’s not that you yourself have to be an expert, in fact right now you might feel like a kid on the first day of school. Any fears you have about not being good enough are hidden away, but the growth you are going through will be integrated into every aspect of yourself. It will change the way others see you and the way you see yourself. Watch for what happens when Jupiter enters Pisces on May 13. You will have the planet of expansion in your own sign until July 27, and this is just the beginning of how you will bring your private learning public. Give yourself plenty of time with this. You are noticing patterns now that will starting to make sense during the early part of the summer, but you won’t know how to share what you have realized with others until the early part of 2022. Create from what you have realized at this time but know that your growth is far from over. 
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