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Full Moon in Libra Horoscopes

Mar 26, 2021

The Full Moon in Libra is exact at 1:48 PM CT on Sunday, March 28. This is a very active Full Moon. This is a Moon that edits, deletes, rewrites, and completes. There are red scribbles on every line of the page, bleeding into the margins. Are you making the necessary changes or are they forced on you? It could be a matter of perspective. 

Libra strives for harmony. When there is conflict, Libra wants to bring it to a just completion. Rather than diving into the red ink it might pull up a clean new draft. Accept all edits, copy and paste. Sometimes Libra doesn’t take the necessary time to linger in the conflict and learn from it. It can take on qualities of its opposite sign—Aries, which moves quickly through steps. 

Cutting corners might get you to an end point but not lead you to the desired long-term result. You get the sense of accomplishment without looking at the ugly underbelly. Under the energy of the Full Moon, we bring something to completion. What did you begin on October 16, 2020? What dream was put on hold at that time? What details were you working out? What edits have you already accepted?

Venus, the ruler of Libra, is advancing from its superior conjunction with the Sun in Aries, exactly opposite to the Full Moon. This is a turning point and one that could have us feeling hopeful as we let something go. Aries initiates but doesn’t always finish. That’s without judgement. Some things aren’t meant to be finished—or aren’t meant to be finished right now. Sometimes our work is meant to linger longer in the draft form. Sometimes  more edits are necessary. Sometimes the process takes longer than we feel comfortable with. 

Chiron is at the same degree as Venus and the Sun in Aries, all around 8° degrees. Editing can hurt. Our editor sees our flaws, maybe more than we can see ourselves. Ugh, maybe they just don’t get what it is we were trying to say. Why can’t they understand? What hurts is in plain view for us to observe. It is more powerful when we don’t hold it so tightly to ourselves. How can we commute it in another way? How can you relate your pain to your team? How can you invite in support? You don’t need to do it all alone, and this Full Moon invites the whole team to sit at the table and give their two cents. 

Mars is in Gemini and sitting at the head of the table. Mars asks us to get curious about why we say what we say the way we say it. Who are we trying to appeal to? Are we only interested in talking to people who are the same as us? Maybe that’s okay—or maybe we want to appeal to a wider audience. The Moon doesn’t want to leave anyone out. But if we make an appeal to everyone maybe we’re making an appeal to no one. How can we refine our message to reach the audience we are uniquely suited to speak to? Who are the people we want to reach? 

Jupiter in Aquarius works with Mars to expand our reach just enough. Saturn in Aquarius gives some structure to the formatting. Mercury in Pisces gets creative, leans into the process of imagining. Mercury in Pisces says, “Wait, I don’t know if I understand that. Can you explain it a different way?” Mercury in Pisces brings poetry to the message. Poetry is wisdom. Poetry expands the audience—it speaks to the heart. If you cut away all of the things you think you should say and only let the heart speak, how does the message change? 

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If you made a little library outside your home, what are the books or stories you would like to share with your neighbors and friends? What are the words that have allowed you to embrace your flaws? There is a group of people who could benefit from your vulnerability and guidance at this Full Moon. Rather than focusing on what’s wrong with you, what aspects of yourself will you fearlessly accept? When you allow yourself to be vulnerable and raw, everyone can see an aspect of themselves in your experience. 

Your relationships have the potential to reflect your limiting beliefs back to you, and it could bring up feelings of self-doubt. Let’s flip the script: If you are a pro at anything it is getting started. 

There is something that you are excited to explore but you might feel like your need to constantly start something new is a flaw you’ll never overcome. Do you have to? Your ability to have a beginner’s mindset always leads you in the right direction, and the right people appreciate your ability to initiate something new. Your playful passion isn’t a flaw—it’s the fuel that keeps you moving. 



The definition of well-being is the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy. Physical, mental and emotional comfort are all important and your ability to achieve your own version of well-being might work best as a solo pursuit at this Full Moon. While you love to leave space for other people on your calendar, private indulgences might nourish you more right now. It’s not that you don’t value everyone else—quite the opposite. Your ability to give to others through time, gifts, and depth of understanding is unparalleled. It’s just that growing responsibilities have you feeling worn out, and you’d like to be on the receiving end. Can you give yourself the attention and care that you lovingly extend to everyone else? What would a hot, passionate relationship with yourself look like? Make space to love on yourself right now and there will be more of you to go around when it’s your time to shine this Taurus season. 


Is the sky blue or grey today Gemini? You are always able to see two sides of whatever situation you are in, but with Mars in your own sign you could find yourself feeling frustrated at this Full Moon in Libra. If you were ever the odd one out in a group as a child, you might remember the ways you learned to defend or protect yourself from pain. Did you turn the judgements back around on the people you felt were against you? How did that work? 

As a Gemini you are naturally curious about people, what they believe in, and you like to learn from others to inform what you think. You like to gauge how similar or different you are from other people. But right now you could feel cut out of the conversation—or it could be that you want to cut someone else out. Either way, there is an emotional need for harmony at this Full Moon. Your inner child needs to be reassured that everything is going to be okay, that they’re safe, that blue skies are on the way. How can you hold yourself? What boo-boo needs a kiss? 



You have the ability to be like a turtle and carry your home on your back. You can crawl into the shell and rest there, protected from the loud noises, demands and chatter. At this Full Moon, you might feel like there is a hidden struggle that is preventing you from coming out of the shell and into the light. It all just feels too noisy and you want to wait until you know what comes next. You’re doing your best to take care of yourself, get your work done, get all of the essentials taken care of. Maybe that’s all you can carry on your back right now. It’s okay if it is. 

While Aries season creates the pressure to start everything right now, you know from past experience that your flow works a little differently from everyone else’s. Where do you need to linger in hidden creation before emerging with your new song? What secret plans will you make while you’re in hiding? A little mystery is part of your creative process. Just make sure you aren’t stowing yourself away because you feel like you’re not good enough—rest assured that everyone can’t wait to hear what you come up with next. 



It’s okay if you don’t know everything. Pretending that you have expertise you don’t have won’t win you friends in the long-run, and secretly figuring out what everyone is talking in order to keep up will just stress you out. Great leaders aren’t afraid to ask questions and embrace a beginner mindset. That will you get you and the people around you moving in the right direction, plus you’ll get to hear multiple perspectives instead of one “right” answer. 

You can even make your pursuit of knowledge playful. You excel when things are fun and joking is involved. Just be aware that the people you’re trying to impress might be more serious than you are, even if they’re open to unconventional ideas. Maybe they have something to teach you and maybe you have something to teach them. Keep an open mind and don’t be so sure of yourself that you miss helpful guidance from people of all ages and experience levels. 



Money is on the mind at this Full Moon and you could feel that you’re coming up short on funds. Or, maybe there’s enough money to go around, but you need support from other people to fulfill your duties. You’ve lost someone or something really valuable to you and it is hard to let it go. Some of the changes to your responsibilities are quite positive, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t major challenges as you sort out the details and try to make everything look like it’s working properly to everyone else. 

If there is one thing that you really hate it is feeling incompetent or like you are caught in a mess. If you feel like other people can’t understand you right now, try stepping back and looking at the big picture. Sorting out the details is part of what you do best but you can also get easily overwhelmed if you feel like you’re constantly explaining yourself. Maybe let someone else take a crack at editing. Their approach might seem like the opposite of how you would do it, but it could be just what you need. Trust that there is something so much bigger than what you can see happening for you. 



It’s your Full Moon Libra! While this Full Moon brings on an emotional completion, it’s not only about you. In true Libra form, there is a relationship in your mind. Someone you love is hurting right now and you want to make everything better for them. But here’s the truth: You’ve been hurting too. It’s a balance you have to strike between healing them and healing yourself. Pay attention to what they are reflecting back to you. Is there something that they are healing from that you need help healing too? 

Maybe you can work together to get to the bottom of what’s going on and both be better off for it. There is something that you both need to learn more about in order to create balance and harmony. For you, it’s also a matter of doing what is right. There are so many choices, decisions and checkmarks that you need to stay on top of right now, but you can feel the energy moving in a new direction. It feels like waking up. How can you create with this flow of energy? How can you infuse more inspired curiosity into your life? How can you move what’s happening in your head into your heart? 



You have a reputation for being private, Scorpio, but at this Full Moon you might need a quiet space to release even more than you usually do. It’s not that everything is so bad, there has just been a lot every day. How many unexpected changes can one person have in a short amount of time? You hope that you’re about done with that. 

There is a gate opening up to you but it requires an intense transformation. Transformations force us to release what we are attached to. You say, but I have done that work. I do that work every day. I am always transforming. I am always releasing. I am a Scorpio, after all. I know. 

It’s the cost of letting go that can be the most frustrating part right now. Financial costs, loss of possessions, but also just the cost to you and your health. Balance is needed, and you’ll find it in your private healing space. Can you close the door? Can you close the gate? Can you sit in the garden and just breathe for a while. You know what you need to do to take care of you and while time is of the essence, it’s still okay to pause and recalibrate as often as you need to. 


You’re trying to find peace at home at this Full Moon in Libra, but you’re also aware of all of the people you’ve had to let go of some people in the last year. There might be some people you haven’t seen in a long time who are making a reappearance right now, and you feel like you’re in a process of reconnecting but also reassessing who you want to be around you. The more you learn about others the stronger your boundaries need to become. 

There are some people who are solid though. Relationships you really value. You are more grateful for them than you have ever been. You’re in the process of becoming and learning and you hope that they will still love and accept you by the time you are done with this process. They will. You always want to put on a happy face for other people and the last year has tested your ability to do that. It’s okay for people to see your healing process too. What would you say to a child who was hurting and healing? The people who are meant to come with you will know that even grown-ups need that level of nurturing still. Allow yourself to be seen by the people who want to help you. 



There’s a lot going on in your life that other people aren’t privy to right now. You do a good job of making it look like everything is pulled together on the outside, but below the surface you are dealing with some big responsibilities. You’re trying to keep everyone in your home and family healthy, and while you play many important roles in the world Capricorn, sometimes work has to be on the back burner while you focus on healing. That said, at this Full Moon there is also a conversation flowing around how you make money and do your work every day. There might be some resistance that you have to dig deep to overcome. 

As an Earth sign you are not afraid to go into the dark soil and dig even deeper into the rocky crust, but when your shovel hits a big rock you know that there is only one way to keep going. You have to take your hands and feel around the cold surface to find the edges. Let the dirt get up underneath your fingernails and feel the moist soil on your skin. Remember that there is water in the soil too. Your foundation isn’t as fixed as you think it is. Maybe it’s time to build some soil castles and play around in a new way.



Watching and listening to a fountain can bring peace, but the technical function is hidden from plain view. It is more complex than meets the eye. The movement of energy for you in 2021 has been more like a tempest than a fountain. Expansion and contraction. 

At this Full Moon there is a thaw. The ice is ready to break. Maybe the ice is you, ready to warm up and feel the warmth on your bare skin. 

Energy is flowing quickly and the work that you have done is moving you in a direction that aligns you with your belief system. It could be something that you have thought about since you were a child and now you are able to work with other people to create something that you value. You witness other people’s suffering, suffering in your community, suffering in your neighborhood, and you feel called to help. This requires you to believe in yourself and other people. Your dedication to what you believe gives you faith in the process and what you are doing is leading everyone in a new and exciting direction. You don’t do it for accolades, you do it because of love. Your faith will be appreciated by many. 



At this Full Moon you might be extremely aware of the responsibility you have to other people. You have the ability to hold gentle space for others in their worst moments, but what about you? 

What do you value most about yourself? What do you value most Pisces? 

There is something that you have been learning about how to overcome shame and find your innate self-worth. What you are learning is not just for you—it’s for the people who came before you and those who will come after you. 

You have so much potential, and right now Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius help you develop the spiritual structure that keeps you balanced in your daily life. It’s important work. But there has been a challenge, maybe at home. You could feel like you are not expressing yourself the right way or people don’t understand what you are trying to say. Maybe you’re on a different path than they are. They might think you’re out of touch, and maybe you think you’re out of touch too. What can you touch right now? What can you put in your hands to ground yourself? Keep your feet on the ground and let them move you through any frustration that is bubbling up. Are you entering or exiting the cave right now? 

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