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Full Moon in Aries Horoscopes

Oct 19, 2021

The Full Moon in Aries is exact on Wednesday, October 20, 2021 at 9:56 AM CT. 

Since the New Moon in Libra we’ve had four planets station direct and what felt out of reach throughout the summer begins to feel more tangible. 

There is a predominance of planets in air signs at this Full Moon and our minds might be in overdrive. So many decisions, so many opinions, so many demands—and they are all coalescing here. It might feel like there is a tremendous amount of pressure to go from one direction to the next. There are expectations and details and also things we have to let go of. It might all feel like too much, too soon, right now. 


Take a breath. Just a little breath. And then another one. How can you work your way slowly up to that deeper breath rather than forcing it to happen all at once? 

Can you breathe into your shoulders? Then your chest? Then your ribs? Then your stomach? Just a little more each time. Not forcing anything to happen. You do have time.

Mars has been in Libra since September 14, inviting us to take action to create more balance in our lives and relationships. We might have felt motivated to connect to someone or something that we love. With Venus, the planet of love and connection, moving through the sign of Sagittarius since October 7, expansion and adventure is more important to us. How are we growing together? What have we learned? Where will we go next? 

Venus is also out of bounds right now, which intensifies our attachment to our own personal values. We won’t follow someone else’s rules, we’ll make our own decisions in relationships. We’ll move beyond binaries. We’ll pursue love, money, and the sweet things in life in a way that feels in alignment with our own desires in spite of what anyone else thinks. Venus will remain out of bounds until December 9. 

Mercury stationed direct on October 18, just two days before this Full Moon, and something we’ve been mulling over since September 27 has reached a decision point. Jupiter stationed direct at 22° Aquarius on October 18 after being retrograde since June 20. We might feel like we’re moving from the slow and steady lane to the full speed ahead lane if we let our minds get the best of us. It might feel like there are a lot of steps to get where you want to go by January 1, 2022. A steady pace will get you there, along with maintaining good boundaries to care for your nervous system. 

There are things that need to be discussed and with the Moon in Aries reaching a culminating point, the pressure could feel on. Unbridled Venus in Sagittarius is pulling us to expand on our own terms, but there might be other people trying to direct the outcome to achieve their own ends. In an ideal world we would all be able to get what we want without having to step on each other’s toes. With Mercury opposite to Chiron, it’s a good idea to be aware of our own values and not make decisions based on what has kept us safe and protected in the past. We might need to advocate for ourselves more than we feel comfortable while also remembering that the people on the other side of the negotiation are human too. 


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Does it feel like it’s all been leading up to this Aries? We get one Full Moon in our own sign every year and it marks one of the most important culmination points in the year. This one is yours, and while you love a new beginning this one might feel more sensitive than you’d prefer. There is a lot to do—always, right? So how will you hold space for your grief along with your enthusiasm at this Full Moon? How will you hold space for release? You can always do it on your own, but there are people who really would love to support you right now. At least someone who is happy to listen to you talk about all of it. The shame, the excitement, the story. On and on your life transforms. What matters most is the people who are with you on the journey. 

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Throughout Libra season you’ve been focusing on bringing balance to your daily life. Whether you’ve been reassessing responsibilities in relationships or cleaning out the nooks and crannies of your desk, you might be wrapping up some less than glamorous but necessary labor. This Full Moon in Aries might invite you to retreat. Maybe you’d like to lay on your bed and just be alone for a little while, away from the demands of everyone else. Maybe you’d like to run a bath and listen to some healing music. You are so committed to keeping it all balanced for everyone else, make sure you take some time to tend to yourself. 

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Something that you create has demanded your attention this Libra season and a group of people is pressuring you to make a transition. You can feel the pressure building to make a commitment one way or the other, but there is a fine balance between what your individual needs are and what everyone else would like you to commit to. Your mind has been off in so many directions, considering all of the options ahead. If you ever felt as a child that you had to make everyone happy, this situation could ignite that wound. Maybe you can’t make everyone happy. Maybe that’s okay. What would make you happy? What feels most expansive to you? 

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This Full Moon in Aries invites you to transition the role you play in the world. You might be wrapping up a project at work or home after spending Libra season checking off a long list of to-do’s. The closets need to be turned over for a new season. Rooms need to be rearranged for more comfort. The way you show up on social media or your responsibilities might have undergone a makeover. All this, and yet there might be a little voice inside telling you it’s not good enough. You might feel like you need to offer even more value to the people you work with and love every day. What if it’s your mind Cancer? What if it’s your thinking getting in the way of your feeling? You’re at your best when you follow your intuitive knowing and not what you think others expect of you. Are you listening?

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It’s time for you to graduate to a new level Leo, but in order to do that it might feel like there is so much for you to learn. You’ve been going here, there and everywhere this Libra season to take care of your creative endeavors or children. There is tension between sticking with what you’re an expert in and embarking on a while new learning curve. You might question if you are ready to commit to something or if you are up to the task to deliver on what other people need. It might feel like a lot of responsibility for other people when you’re used to looking out for yourself. You need to listen to your heart and not everyone else’s opinions, but also allow your audience to lift you up. 

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The financial and work demands this Libra season have been big and you might feel like you’re doing it all on your own. You play a big and important role and the demands of been huge. You haven’t been sure how to get more balance, which is something you deeply value, and there might be some hidden opportunities arising for you to get just that. You value your home and family life and you’d like to be able to invest just as much time and energy into that as you are your work or responsibilities. In order to get to that place you need to make a big commitment and you’ve been thinking about all of the details this Libra season. At the Full Moon you might feel ready to commit, or if not ready, motivated. 

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Your season is coming to a close Libra and you are so ready to get all of these demands off of your plate. You’ve had Mars moving through your own sign since September 14 and it has asked a lot of your energy. With Mercury retrograde in your own sign since September 27, you’ve had a hard time making a decision. Your mind has been all over the place and other people have also been an easy distraction from yourself. At this Full Moon it's time to sit down with someone else and talk about how you really feel and what you’d really like to do. It might even be a time to hash out a plan for how you’d like to expand. You might feel like you can’t keep up mentally but you’re doing better than you think. A transitional time is on the horizon and you’re preparing to make the investment. You’ve had some time to reflect, but how will you act?

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There has been a lot of hidden pressure this Libra season and this Full Moon invites you to move out of the shadows and into the limelight. Your own season begins on October 22 and it is kicking off a two year process of endings and beginnings. Your work and financial wellbeing might be a primary focus for these transitions and you might have gotten that sense over the last few weeks. It’s important that you’re not only thinking about the bottom line but also about what you need for your physical and mental health. With so many responsibilities competing for your attention, it might seem impossible to get the balance that you need to take care of yourself. It’s not impossible though Scorpio. Instead of using other people’s feelings and reactions to measure the rightness of your decisions, focus on your own core values. Measure all decisions from this place. 

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Love and relationships are on the mind right now. Whether you’re at the beginning or end of a relationship, you might find yourself unable to focus on anything else right now. There might be other aspects to the story, such as your appearance, your self-worth, or your financial status. Your health or someone you love’s health might else be a top priority. Emotionally, this Full Moon wants fun. Let’s do something new. Let’s go out and see some people we love. Let’s make a plan to go on a trip or learn something. There are so many ways we can expand. You’ve had to let go of so much Sagittarius. A little celebration is definitely well deserved. 

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You’ve had to claim your authority this Libra season Capricorn, but there has also been a lot of demands in the foundation of your life. You and someone you love has needed some healing help over the last several weeks and you might be transitioning away from the way you’ve done things before towards something new. There are financial responsibilities you’ve had to consider in making decisions about your future, as well as the feelings of other people. At this Full Moon you might find yourself most at home in your bed, with your own thoughts, thinking about letting go of someone who was in charge of your life. It’s time to be your own leader now. 

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You’ve been motivated to learn over Libra season but might not have known how to go about achieving the expertise you feel you need. At this Full Moon in Aries you might feel ready to take action in a way that you haven’t in months. Your plan for the future might feel clearer than it ever has before, but there is still a small part of you that worries about your ability to go where you want to go. Am I enough, you might find yourself asking? Should I take a chance on this relationship or commitment? Should I show up as a teacher and guide for others? Or should I hold back and play small until I’m certain I know enough? You already know plenty and there’s a whole group of people in the grandstands cheering you on. They can’t wait to see what happens next. Step into your role as a guide to the masses and watch your audience expand. 

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Mercury has been retrograde in your eight house of inheritances, and this is an area of your chart that can bring up a lot of hidden things you have a responsibility to work through. You might be looking at your work or your financial situation and asking yourself how you can cut expenses or take responsibility for your decisions. You might also be hyper aware of the value placed on you by people who are in a position of power. It’s important for you to have a good sense of your value separate from anyone else, and this Full Moon in Aries might make that abundantly clear.

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