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5 Reasons Why I Love Mercury Retrograde

Sep 27, 2021

Yes—tech glitches like your Internet going out or problems with computers are always a potential when Mercury is retrograde as it rules over modes of communication. But I have to tell you—I love Mercury retrogrades.


Maybe it’s because my own Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn, but I love to use the three Mercury retrogrades that happen each year to work on creative projects and study in-depth on particular topics.


My partner was gone over the weekend, and I spent the last four days sitting around studying my favorite topics: astrology, the nervous system, herbalism, and somatic healing. This is a wonderful time to learn and integrate knowledge and I always see potent shifts happen in my business around Mercury retrogrades.


So if there is something that you want to dive deeply into over the next few weeks—go for it! The time is now and Mercury loves to support mental pursuits.


Top Five Reasons I Love Mercury Retrograde

🖤 I’m able to look at things from a different perspective and make connections I wouldn’t be able to make at other times.

🖤 It’s a portal for learning, studying, and creating.

🖤 Intuition, spirit communication and synchronicities are heightened during this time.

🖤 It’s a potent opportunity to create new neural pathways and change my mind.

🖤 Ideas that I had months ago have a tendency to circle back and I have more clarity on what I think.


How do you feel about Mercury retrograde?

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