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What's the vibe of 2022?

The energetic themes of 2022 are connection, stability, balance and dreams—but how will we see these themes arise? 

In this workshop I will provide a preview for the energy of the next 12 months using astrology, tarot and numerology. We will explore the overarching themes and major chapters of the year ahead. Become inspired to set intentions in alignment with the energetic invitations and craft the outline to your story. 

In this workshop I will cover...

  • Grounded and intuitive guidance on navigating the cosmic energy of this year
  • How the Universal 6 energy relates to the astrology of this year 
  • Major trends: love, finance, travel, government, health and more 
  • How the major themes relate to each of the 12 signs
  • Suggestions for how to use what you learn

Join us live on Wednesday, December 29 at 7:00 PM CT or watch the recording when it is convenient for you. Be sure to bring a notebook or place to record your thoughts! 

Cost: $66 for 2 Hour Workshop ($33 Sliding Scale) - Recording available for 48 Hours if unable to attend live
Add-on Recording: $33 

BONUS: Year Ahead Calendar Download for all who attend