Navigate your rhythms in alignment with the universe, learn to trust your intuition, and build strategies for self-regulation.

Coaching for the Sensitive and Empathic

If you are a highly sensitive person or empathic person, you might wish that you could turn it off from time to time. Through coaching from a fellow sensitive soul, you can learn to navigate the sometimes overwhelming world with compassion for yourself, learn to honor your personal rhythms and hone your intuitive gifts. 

Learn To Trust Your Knowing

As a sensitive person you have a heightened ability to sense the world around you, but you might not have learned how to use it in an empowering way. Through coaching we can work on feeling grounded in your body while maintaining intuitive trust.

Strength Building

We will work together to identify your intuitive gifts and strengthen your confidence.


Identify and practice techniques for grounding and soothing sensory stimulation.


Practice direct and confident communication in a safe setting and learn to communicate your needs.

Meet Your Coach

Hello! My name is Ash and like you I am a highly sensitive empath. I worked in nonprofits focused on sustainable agriculture and food justice for ten years before I burned out and had to learn how to make life work as a sensitive soul. I now have a successful and growing business that allows me to honor my intuitive gifts and sensory processing needs. If you are on a journey to becoming an empowered sensitive person, I'd love to be your guide.

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