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Saturn in Pisces & Pluto in Aquarius

Calling in the creative, compassionate, collective visionaries…

  • to tap into the energy

  • hold space for our dreams and visions to flow through

  • and set benchmarks for how we plan to take action on our visions


Because when we each commit to our own calling—we have more power to create the future we envision together.


PLUSSSSS we’re gonna do some fun stuff, like

  • Open to connection to the planetary energies through guided meditation
  • Make collages and vision boards
  • Learn how to work with the Earth to hold physical space for our vision


ANNND we’re gonna do some practical stuff, like

  • Set benchmarks for taking action on our goals
  • Get clear on who we need in order to actualize our vision
  • Learn how to ride the waves of these transits with grace


Ultimately you’ll walk away with a clear understanding of…

  • How to work WITH the energy of Saturn in Pisces & Pluto in Aquarius
  • WHAT your weird, wild vision for the next 5 to… 20 years is
  • HOW you commit to taking action to actualize that vision


⏳  Register by midnight CT on Wednesday, April 26 to secure a BONUS 15-minute recorded reading from Ash Gravity. All readings will be delivered on Monday, May 1 so you have over a week to absorb the medicine and arrive to the workshop fully prepared.*


This workshop will happen LIVE over Zoom on Tuesday, May 9 from 5:30-7:30 PM CT


Workshop will be recorded with lifetime access to review the recordings on your own time or refer back later. 


This class is not medical advice or a replacement for therapy or psychiatric advice. Ash Gravity Earth Healing LLC are not liable for the results of any decisions made based on the information offered in this course. 

This course is for personal use only. No part of this course may be distributed without the consent of a representative from Ash Gravity Earth Healing LLC.