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Cosmic Keys

$150 for 90-minute session

This is best for when you want to cover the major themes and lessons in your life from a macrocosmic view.

Also good if...

  • You're more interested in the big picture and less on what is happening right now 
  • You love looking at all of the layers of yourself and your life
  • You're interested in how your astrology corresponds to the tarot 
  • You want to build on what you know about yourself through astrology 

Included in your 90-minute session: 

Customized Birth Chart Reading: A guided journey through the signs, planets, and houses that make up your natal chart—a snapshot in the sky at the time you were born that tells us what your life will focus on.

Tarot Constellation Reading: Based on your natal chart, I will identify the tarot archetypes that correspond to each part of your chart and explain how they connect to the major themes and lessons in your life.

Current Energy: The main tarot and astrology theme of the current year of your life 

> A recorded video of your session will be sent after the session is completed. 

> Optional: Add-on a guided meditation and custom astro-herbal essence to support your on your journey to integrate your experience.