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Mars in Gemini 2022-2023

Aug 08, 2022

Of all the astrological events that will take place in the second half of 2022, the most significant, in my opinion, is the ingress of Mars into Gemini and subsequent retrograde.


As a planet Mars represents action, war, cutting away, removing, stabbing, gouging, running, leaping—you get the idea. It’s a very action-oriented energy. Gemini is a mutable air sign, which also gives it a sense of movement. Mutable energy is fluid and changeable. When we look to nature, for an example of fluid or moving air, we can think of breezes or strong winds.


If you picture yourself going for a bike ride or a walk on a clear day, you can touch into that feeling of ease when there isn’t any wind pushing against you. You might have experienced the joy of movement in one direction, only to find when you turn around and go the opposite direction that there is a strong wind pushing against you. 


When the wind was at your back it provided a helpful push in the direction you wanted to go, although you probably didn’t even know you were being supported by the wind. It’s only when you turned around to find the wind was at your back and now you’re heading straight into it that you become frustrated by fighting against the wind.


Now imagine that Mars, the planet that loves to move, will enter Gemini on August 20. In Gemini, Mars might create a sense of urgency to make decisions or ask questions for clarity. Under this energy we’re talking about where we want to go, what we want to do, and we’re in the excitement of learning something new and gathering information that will help us get to our final destination.


Mars moves pretty far into Gemini as well, getting all the way to the 25° point (there’s only 30° in each sign). This wind at your back might push you quite a way, and just when you think you’ve made it to your final destination, the wind changes direction. This is because on October 30, 2022, Mars will station retrograde at 25°.

Now this might not feel good, because for three months you’ve been making decisions and gathering information, only to find that the easy breeze at your back isn’t helping you along anymore. When Mars is retrograde, it cannot move forward, it has to move backwards. You have to go back over everything you’ve done, all the decisions you’ve made, all the research you accumulated, and you might find that it’s “wrong.”


Mars will be retrograde from October 30, 2022-January 12, 2023, and during this time you’re going against the wind. Mars will travel from 25° Gemini to 8° Gemini, which means all decisions made after roughly September 3 will need to be revisited. That’s not to say that decisions made before September 3 won’t need to be revisited, but they are in more of a “safe zone.”


On January 12, 2023, Mars will station direct at 8° Gemini. At this point, a necessary clean up has taken place. The original decisions that were made from August 20-October 30, are clarified and final decisions will happen between January 12-March 25, when Mars enters Cancer.


I do think it's important to note that not everyone experiences Mars energy the same way. For example, if you were born during the day you might experience the more aggressive side of Mars because it is the most malefic planet in your chart. If you were born during the night, you might experience the more motivational energy of Mars. 


With respect to Mars being in Gemini, you will notice this energy the most in the house that is ruled by Gemini in your own chart. If you have any placements in Gemini they will be highly impacted, although Sagittarius, Virgo, and Pisces placements will also face off against Mars when its in Gemini. Use the resource below to determine your relationship to Mars and Gemini. 



Since Mars in Gemini is the driving transit behind the astrology of August 2022-March 2023, you might be curious how it will impact you. 

Use this guidebook to support you through the astrology ahead! 

What you'll get:

  • Instructions for how to apply the Mars in Gemini transits to your own chart
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  • A list of key dates for the Mars in Gemini transit 
  • 10 pages of detailed analysis and predictions on collective impacts of the transit ranging from climate change and infrastructure to student loan forgiveness and big technology shake-ups
  • An invitation to join a live Q & A discussion to go deeper into the forecast 


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