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I'm Opening a Studio and Storefront in Des Moines, IA

Jun 10, 2022

Photo by Raelyn Ramey, Styled by Alyssa Bowers

I’m opening a studio and storefront in Des Moines!

The opportunity arrived right as I celebrated three years in my business—almost to the day.

My partner Marti Payseur of Thistle's Summit is an extremely talented vegan and gluten-free baker, and together we are opening a kitchen witch shop in Des Moines, Iowa! We plan to open our doors at 340 SW 5th St #122, Des Moines, IA 50309, by mid-to-late July 2022.

As you can guess this means a lot of things for my business, mostly in the way of expansion (thanks to Jupiter being my lord of the year)!

Beginning in late July I will be available for online and in-person sessions for astrology, hypnotherapy and ancestral healing, and will continue to work with clients internationally as I do now. You can book a session here.

I will offer monthly online and in-person workshops and classes, including my in-depth course Cosmic Cycles. You can learn about upcoming classes here.

If you join Cosmic Cycles and you are local you will have the option to attend classes live or online on specific days. You also get lifetime access to the online recordings.

I was planning to increase price of this class but since I am unexpectedly taking on this project I have decided to leave the current price until June 21, when the class was set to begin. I am going to make adjustments to the schedule for this class, and I anticipate it will begin when we open in mid-late July.

Join Cosmic Cycles at the early bird price at the link in my bio! Pay in full to receive an exclusive Kitchen Witch Box!

We’ve also set up a GoFundMe to help us in the first quarter of starting up this retail location. You can learn more about that here.

Use astrology to break cycles and align with your calling.

 the Cycle Breaking Astrology Masterclass I will show you 
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  • How to identify inherited family patterns in your natal chart
  • Determine the patterns you are here to integrate
  • Find the gifts you are here to bring forward
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