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Full Moon in Virgo Horoscopes

Feb 25, 2021

The Full Moon in Virgo is happening this Saturday, February 27 square to the nodal axis. Major turning points are activated with this Full Moon. 

The asteroid Vesta aligns with the Moon inviting us to clean our house—literally or figuratively. Every Full Moon is an invitation to clear out what no longer serves us, but Vesta invites us to throw what is no longer meant to be directly in the fire. If you’ve had issues with your home or have been considering moving, this Full Moon could amp up the conversations around homes no longer suiting your needs. It could also make it clear where you have lost a passion for something. Under this Full Moon, you might realize that you can’t be the flame holder for a project or cause any more. 

The North Node is in Gemini, inviting us to look around our neighborhood and see what other options are available. If you’re thinking about a change of scenery, you might find yourself literally driving up and down the street, looking for a new place to call your dream home. For others, you might hit the books or the Internet to research something you find yourself drawn to learn more about. Or you could be wrapping up a project and the work consumes your mind. There could be a lot of responsibilities and demands, and with Mars in Taurus still square Saturn in Aquarius, there could also be a lot of conflict. 

The South Node is in Sagittarius, and some of the biggest responsibilities could be things from the past. There might be some confrontations with the past beliefs that led to the current situation that you are in, so you’re not only letting go of something from the past but you’re also grappling with those past beliefs in the present. That could feel a little squishy. 

Venus, Neptune and the Sun are all in Pisces, casting a dreamy haze over everything. At the same time, there is a real awareness that the dreams aren’t going to materialize on their own. There is a lot of work to do. What I do like about this combination is that we can come up with creative solutions with an abundant mindset. There might be a lot of anxious thoughts that get in the way of our ability to believe in good possibilities, but there is also a sense that is what is coming to completion is good. We also might feel like we have really solid support from other people, and this helps to make everything a little sweeter. 

The mutable square at this Full Moon also invites us to change our mind. So if there is a belief you had that led to a result you’re not happy with now, you could be asking, “What was I thinking?” It might be worth examining how we could change our attitude to get different results, especially with the amount of challenging fixed energy we have right now. There could be a feeling too that we need to change our mind about something but we don’t really want to. There is definitely some “convince me” energy under this Full Moon. 

It’s also Pisces season, which always invites us into self-reflection and pausing before making our next move. As the Moon wanes for the next two weeks before the New Moon in Pisces, you could feel like you’re wandering around with no clue what comes next. That’s okay. The New Moon will help illuminate the path forward.

virgo full moon horoscopes

These horoscopes were written for your rising sign, which is based on the time of your birth not the day. If you don’t know your rising sign you can learn how to find it here. You could also try reading them for your Sun or Moon sign and see if they resonate.



You might find yourself more motivated than usual around physical and mental health. You’d really like to get out and see your friends, but you might find your quick trips are taking you to the doctor, the natural food store or even the self-help department in the bookstore. You might be trying to get to the bottom of past health issues and it could feel like it has been a long, long journey. You might be up to try totally unconventional products or foods to solve the problem, which could also mean you’re spending more money than you would like. There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes responsibilities and you might find that there is one special person helping you out–or it could be that you’re dealing with someone else’s healing process and trying to get them moving in a good direction forward. Make space in your home this weekend by clearing out any clutter that is getting in the way of your day-to-day work. Once you have your tools for health and healing, set them out in easily accessible spaces to make it easy to integrate them into your routine even when you get super distracted. 



You want your home to a place of romance and creativity at this Full Moon. After all, a home should be an expression of your own image and self, and you might feel like it is the best place to express your creativity at this time. You could be looking at paint colors and finding yourself drawn to unexpected combinations. Dreams of parties and gatherings are dancing in your mind and you really want to to have people in your space. For you, romance isn’t just about a significant other. You want to treat your friends and family to the good stuff in life, and you see perfecting your space as a way to be of service to the ones you love. Changes to how you’re making money might cause some roadblocks to achieving your dreams though. You’re trying to remain hopeful as you wait to hear news about your finances from other people, but as you wait you can’t stop yourself from dreaming big. Part of you might feel responsible to show your appreciation to a person who has had your back during financial changes, but you might not be sure what would be the best way to show your appreciation. You might see where your imagination takes you in the next couple of weeks before making a final decision. 



You’re learning about something that is really exciting to you and you want to put as much energy as you can into that pursuit. I see you sitting by the fire, reading a book or typing away on your computer. There’s some kind of belief that is being challenged, but you actually like to change your mind about things and be open to new information. Even though your research might look like work to others it could be your definition of fun. This year is leading you closer to yourself and at this Full Moon you could feel like you have a major turning point in how you want other people to see you and your work. You might also be in the mood to go through your closet and change up your wardrobe. You’re spending more time than usual at home these days, so some clothes don’t serve much of a purpose any more. Changes to your job might also mean that certain ways you’ve dressed or presented yourself don’t suit you any more. Time to clean house. 



There is a focus on where you live at this Full Moon. A shared financial situation is a factor in the conversation or there could be questions about taxes. If you have siblings, they could be moving or you could be talking about property together. There might be a large investment required or you could be coming up against some restrictions to getting the results you want. If you’re working on these contracts or deals with someone else, you might feel like they’re being a little stubborn and that is a pattern in behavior. There might be a lot of talking and not as much action as you would like. You on the other hand might be more optimistic than you normally would. You might even think you’re being a little delusional and could get nitpicky in an effort to stay or seem grounded. You have a sense that time will allow everything to work out even if the path forward isn’t super clear right now. You might be letting some responsibilities go but also taking on more responsibilities in a partnership that are changing how you work on a day-to-day basis. Over the last several months you might have found that you feel more tired than usual. You’re putting out a lot of effort to support other people. This Full Moon could have you thinking about how you’re going to take care of your health now that you are transitioning from one way of working to another. 



At this Full Moon you might be talking with your roommate, partner, or landlord about household expenses. There could be work that is coming to completion and it is time to distribute funds or you might need them to approve the expense. You might post to social media to get recommendations on who could do the work on your space and get some good recommendations. Unexpected challenges at work might also have you thinking about having a friend move in with you, or you might be so frustrated with your boss that you want your friends to make you feel better about yourself. You wouldn’t necessarily admit that you want to be gassed up a little at this point in time, but if your closest friends can’t lift you up who can? Tell them about your dreams, fantasies and frustrations and you’ll feel seen and understood. You might not feel up to being the life of the party, but everyone is always happy to see you. 



At this Full Moon you are trying to bring something to completion. There might be something about the place you live that is a factor in getting it done. You do like things to be a certain way and right now you’re missing the structure or the technical equipment you need to accomplish your goals. It’s all you can really think about. It might even be at the point where you are thinking about moving to a new house or finding a place to rent that will help you. Or you could be looking at yourself and analyzing the things that are potentially wrong with you and your ability to do the work. What you’re doing requires large efforts and a lot of time, and while a change in location could help you get more done, be sure to look at what traditional or limiting beliefs you have that could hold you back more than the location of your desk. Are you putting an unnecessarily aggressive timeline on your project? Are you so focused on everything being right that you can’t see an option that is good enough? There also could be issues coming up in your relationship, where the people around you don’t see the challenges that you are facing. You could think that they are blissfully unaware. You also might be working hard to keep it that way. There are a lot of people who want to see you succeed. Let them support your dreams. 



You’re called to be of service right now and help other people achieve their dreams, improve their health, or create something really beautiful. Creative ideas might be pouring out of you and you seem to be thinking about things in a way that is really needed. There might be some traditional or financial barriers to achieving your amazing vision, and at the Full Moon your mind is consumed with behind-the-scenes strategy. Other people might not understand just how much mental and emotional energy you are putting in to make their dreams a reality. Every obstacle that comes your way, you’re willing to put in the work to overcome it. Follow what you know and what you believe. There’s something that you have understood since you were a kid and now is your chance to share that knowledge with the world. It might mean that you have to leave something you love behind, and there are financial costs involved, but your commitment to doing something unexpected will help you create something amazing. 



Your friends and family might be calling you up at this Full Moon letting you know about big changes that are happening in their lives. They might be moving or changing jobs, and you could be called on to invest in their dreams. Your children could also be the source of conversations about money and thinking about how you would like to invest your resources for the future. It could be that they are a source of major spending or it might be that you have a creative project or hobby that is very expensive. If you are in a relationship, you might not agree on day-to-day expenses that could be cut. Or, you could both be very motivated to make cuts to your budget or earn money in unexpected and unusual ways. If you’re not in a romantic relationship, you could find yourself wishing you had other people to share expenses with. There might also be a discussion about household responsibilities and how the person doing the majority of the household work saves money in the long run. Conversations about how you make money and spend money can lead you to feeling ashamed and comparing yourself to friends or people on social media. You might feel like your situation isn’t the same as everyone else’s. You’re right, your situation isn’t the same as everyone else’s. But you also don’t know everyone else’s situation. Set boundaries about how to have these conversations with compassion and do something nice for yourself when you are done. 



There is something coming to completion with what you are most well-known for. You might be moving to a new neighborhood and leaving behind a home that feels like a part of you. Changes in your relationship status might be involved. Maybe it’s going from “my home” to “our home.” You might be thinking about moving to a bigger house or having someone come to visit. This year is showing you the ways in which it’s not all about you anymore. There could be some anxiety or discomfort that comes up around the change at this Full Moon. A health or work concern could be getting in the way of happiness and joy. You might be getting to the bottom of the pattern around this Full Moon though, or have more information coming soon. You want everyone in your house to be healthy and happy the barriers to making that reality might come up at this point in time, but you’re also open to doing things differently or trying unconventional things to make it all work. Your health is a focus and you want to look and feel great, be mindful of overdoing it. 



You are confronting beliefs that have been a guiding light for you for a long time at this Full Moon. How you have and will continue to make money is a potential topic for conversation. Change is happening and financial strain could be impacting not only you but your neighbors, siblings, or children. These challenges could be unexpected and you could potentially be in a position to contribute to meeting other people’s needs. Maybe you don’t have the financial means to help right now, but there are other things that you can do. There might be a technical skill that you can provide or research you can do, but your help might not be accepted by others or there are limits to how much you can contribute. There is some healing that needs to happen in your home or family and it might feel confrontational. Sometimes a warm and healthy meal helps to make everyone feel comfortable and allows conversation to flow with less defensiveness. 



With so many planets in Aquarius over the last couple of months you might find that you are picking up more and more responsibilities all of the time. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but at this Full Moon you could be taking a closer look at how you have invested your time, energy and resources into commitments that need to wrap up. There might be people you have been working for that you need to leave behind in order to handle your new responsibilities. Changes in your home and family could also have you in the mood to delegate or reassess who should be responsible for what. You’re focused on creating something new and household responsibilities especially could be getting in the way of that process. You feel like what you’re making is really important and you don’t have enough time to be in all of the places at once. It might be that it is time to hire someone to help you or pay for conveniences that give you more flexibility in how you’re using your time. 



An ending has arrived in a relationship. You’ve maybe been thinking about this change for a couple of months and now it’s time to talk about it. This change might be taking you to a new home or causing changes to the place you live. While there is some stress and anxiety, there is also the chance for a hopeful new beginning for you. The beginning might not arrive for a couple of weeks, when the New Moon in Pisces comes around. There are commitments you might be making to other people but the commitments to yourself are just as important. There could be invisible responsibilities that cause you to overextend your finances, or you could be worrying about whether you're going to make ends meet even though it feels like a good thing. You want some stability and the feeling of home, but respect your own value and worth before giving too much to someone else.

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