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Do you wish you had a guide to help you navigate the confusing world of astrology? 

Have you exhausted Google search trying to find answers to your astrology questions? Do you want confirmation that you are on the right track with your chart reading skills? Do you wish you could feel confident to read someone else's chart?

It's time to hire a tutor.

How can I support you as a tutor?

I can help you build confidence in your skills as an astrologer

I have built my astrology practice into a full-time business over a two year period after years of offering free readings and learning on my own. I know how hard it is to navigate the confusing and often contradictory world of  astrology when all you want to do is find the most effective ways to read charts to help yourself and others. 

Interested in working together? 

In your one-hour tutoring session there are *no stupid questions.* Believe me, I have made so many mistakes as an astrology and am always learning. As your tutor I will be a non-judgmental supporter and cheerleader on this journey. 

I offer one-time astrology sessions and packages. You will find details for these services below.

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